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Laboratory Ultrapure Water System

Focus on the innovation and development of laboratory, medical and research water, Rightleder’s unique central laboratory ultrapure water system integrated six advanced water treatment process, adopts multi-stage nanofiltration and 4.0 multiple reverse osmosis technology, automatic control mode has been achieved, and formed professional and comprehensive central water supply system solutions.

Unique advantage

● 13 pure water technology patents, more than 70 product honorary certificates, the export rate of qualified products reached 100 percent;
● Comprehensive data management functions, the whole pipeline disinfection procedures, automatic RO membrane anti-scaling rinse process;
● Real-time three-way water quality monitoring, the system can be free to start, shut down, and it will send alarm when lack of water;
● Modular independent structure for pretreatment, RO, ultra-purification components, more convenient for maintenance and filter replacement;
● Two level passwords protection to prevent unauthorized changes;
● Passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification and CE certification;
● Water quality is absolutely sterile and comply with relevant water standards.


Applicable to the high standard water demand of R & D units;
The central water supply in the laboratory buildings of the institutions;
High-precision equipment cleaning water;

Laboratory Ultrapure Water System

Focus on the innovation and development of laboratory, medical and research water, Rightleder’s unique central laboratory ultrapure water system integrated six advanced water treatment process, adopts multi-stage nanofiltration and 4.0 mul...

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