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Rightleder·Environmental was Invited to Attend 2018 Liaoning Province International Sourcing Fair



  On August 9, 2018 Liaoning Province International Sourcing Fair was held in Northeast Building. More than 100 foreign buyers from all over the world have conducted face-to-face talks with more than 80 companies from our province. As a high-tech enterprise in the environmental protection field, Rightleder·Environmental is honored to be invited to attend this event.

  Focusing on water purification (seawater desalination systems, boiler feed water systems, ultrapure water systems, drinking water systems, etc.), material concentration and separation (membrane separation, ion exchange systems, etc.), Rightleder ·Environmental is an integrating solution provider in the environmental protection field from R&D and design, equipment manufacturing, engineering construction, and operation and maintenance. At this meeting, RIGHTLEDER’s package wastewater treatment equipment, household purifiers, commercial purifiers, direct drinking system in the residential areas, household membranes, industrial membranes and other products were well recognized by representatives from overseas buyers.

  The representative of M&R Global Ltd. of Spain knew RIGHTLEDER membrane products

  The representative of Turkish-Chinese Business Matching Center negotiated with the representative of RIGHTLEDER

  Mr. Michael, representative of Majcha Ltd in Germany, consulted on the design of the hotel’s direct drinking water system from the representative of RIGHTLEDER

  At the meeting, both Chinese and foreign companies took great interests in us. We showed our products manual and introduced our products to overseas buyers. Many of them actively communicated with our technicians and invited RIGHTLEDER to customize their programs that met their needs. Representatives from overseas buyers are very interested in our products and said that they will continue to communicate for a deeper cooperation after the meeting.

  The representative of RIGHTLEDER talked with Leonardo, the Project Manager of Oceanic Line Trade Co., Ltd.

  Mr. Yaroslav, Head of Ukrainian-China Business Cooperation Co., Ltd., consulted the representative of RIGHTLEDER for our products

  The photo of the CEO of the British Importer Gate Limited company and the representative of RIGHTLEDER

  This fair aims to establish a one-on-one negotiation platform that built by the government for the international buyers and Liaoning enterprises, wishing to cooperate with each other to establish a long-term trade relation. As an international environmental high-tech enterprise, Rightleder ·Environmental has exported water purification technology and material concentration and separation technology to Africa, Southeast Asia, South Asia, South America and other markets. In the future, we will continue to dedicate to bring the good products to the international markets, and contribute to promote China’s manufacturing industries in the whole world.

Rightleder·Environmental was Invited to Attend 2018 Liaoning Province International Sourcing Fair