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RIGHTLEDER Attended the 32nd ASEAN Exposition


From May 1st to May 6th, The 32nd ASEAN Building Technology Exposition was held in Bangkok, Thailand. As the most professional and authoritative exhibition, it attracted the attention of the whole world, so many well-known companies from all over the world came to this exhibition. RIGHTLEDER attended this ASEAN Expo, Thailand as a high-tech enterprise in the field of environmental protection.

泰国将军Krista(左四)及泰国某政府项目所属公司负责人Pack先生(左一) 与莱特莱德代表合影

  General Krista (fourth from left) of Thailand and Mr. Pack (first from left), head of a government project in Thailand photographed with RIGHTLEDER representatives

  S.K.INTERTEX signed MOU with RIGHTLEDER on site

  Krista, General of Thailand, led a government official group to visit the RIGHTLEDER factory in 2017. On this ASEAN Expo in Thailand, he brought the government project leader to the RIGHTLEDER booth and exchanged opinions with RIGHTLEDER technical to seek a better solution. During the entire exhibition, hundreds of companies came to visit the booth of RIGHTLEDER. Many of them actively communicated with technical personnel and asked a specific plan which is suitable for them. S.K.INTERTEX’s procurement personnel signed MOU directly with Mr. Sheng, the general manager of RIGHTLEDER International Department, and purchased 5 sets of containerized water purification equipment. He plans to visit RIGHTLEDER headquarter and signs the formal contract on June 8.



  On this exhibition, Rightleder Environmental representatives brought the RB-L and RB-S containerized water treatment equipment; wastewater treatment integrated equipment; household purifiers, commercial purifiers, residential direct drinking water systems, household membranes, industrial membranes and other products to the Expo, covering parts equipment in the field of pure water treatment (seawater desalination system, boiler feed water system, ultrapure water system, and drinking water system), material concentration and separation (membrane separation system, ion exchange system, etc.), zero liquid discharge and reuse filed (difficult wastewater treatment system and zero discharge system projects).


  Representatives of an import and export company from Thailand visited RIGHTLEDER for municipal water purification equipment

泰国某渔业公司董事长(右一)携其子(右二)与 莱特莱德销售人员沟通养鱼池净水设备

  The chairman of a fishing company in Thailand (first from right) and his son (second from right) communicated with RIGHTLEDER sales about the fishpond water purification equipment

泰国客户Joe(左一)与莱特莱德代表就楼宇饮用水系统洽谈 Joe的哥哥(左二)与莱特莱德代表就进口家用和商用净水机事宜洽谈

  Joe (first from left), a Thailand customer, negotiates with RIGHTLEDER representative on community drinking water system

  Joe’s brother (second from left) communicates with RIGHTLEDER representative on household and commercial water purifiers


  Pat (first from left), a Thailand customer, comes to know RIGHTLEDER’s household membrane products

  This participation in Thailand exhibition has a far-reaching meaning for RIGHTLEDER. ASEAN Thailand is one of the largest exhibitions in Thailand and it is an exhibition certified by UFI (International Exhibition Federation). RIGHTLEDER, as a “ tech export” enterprise in the field of environmental protection in China, builds bridges with the Thailand government and industrial companies in the field of environment protection technology through this platform, laying a solid foundation for RIGHTLEDER to broaden the Thailand market; following Indonesia, Malaysia, India and Singapore, Thailand has become another market in the Southeast Asia market. RIGHTLEDER has always been committed to technological innovation as his mission, fundamentally helping companies solve water problems. We bring high technology of independent innovation out of China and improve the status of Chinese water treatment enterprises in the international market.

RIGHTLEDER Attended the 32nd ASEAN Exposition