RIGHTLEDER’s Representatives Visited Two Smart Cities in Telangana, India


On March 22, RIGHTLEDER was invited to participate in the “2018 China-India Smart Urbanization Cooperation Conference” held in Hyderabad, India. 

  Photo with responsible person of smart city and company leaders

  Mayor of Warangal, India (second from left) and two RIGHTLEDER’s representatives

  Divay Pranav (second from left), India Government Ministry of Industry and Commerce, the Official of Ministry of Industry Policy and Promotion, and two RIGHTLEDER’s representatives

  RIGHTLEDERr’s representative (second from left) visits EPTRI environmental laboratory of Indian government

  From March 23 to 25, RIGHTLEDERr representatives visited Warangal and Karimnagar, two smart cities in Telangana, and went to the project site to investigate.

  Talks with Indian Federal Government and Telangana officials

  Invited to participate in local sewage treatment project

  In the visit to two smart cities in Telangana, the RIGHTLEDER representative met with officials of the Indian Federal Government and the State of Telangana to discuss the Indian sewage treatment project. Subsequently, the city government officials invited RIGHTLEDER representatives to participate in local treatment project.