RIGHTLEDER was Invited to Participate in “2018 China-India Smart Urbanization Cooperation Conference”


On March 22, the “2018 China-India Smart Urbanization Cooperation Conference” was held in Hyderabad, India. The conference deeply analyzed the current status of urban water circulation and water treatment with big data, hoping that breaks the traditional thinking of urban water circulation treatment and reuse through the way of project cooperation or hiring a professional technical team, so that to lay a foundation of smart cities and towns. The relevant people in charge of the Water Resources and Environment Department of all India local autonomous government associations and members of the Global Water Conservation Alliance have attended the meeting, and Rightleder was also invited to attend that meeting.


  Being led by technology, this conference will build a supply and demand cooperation platform for Chinese and Indian companies through smart city construction and projects in the fields of transportation, energy, environmental protection, water treatment and equipment manufacturing. It also provides a good cooperation opportunity for the development of Chinese technology and India new smart city. Rightleder brings high-tech in the fields of pure water, zero liquid discharge of wastewater and waste gas treatment in this meeting-China-India Smart Urbanization Conference. The technical team who represents Rightleder to attend this meeting has a rich project experience, and they provided targeted technical solutions for India’s environmental protection and water treatment, which have attracted the attention of the India government and companies. The two sides are on further discussing and exchanges.


  From March 23rd to 24th, representatives of Rightleder visited Warangal and Karimnagar, two smart cities in Telangana, met with local government officials and the mayor, and went to the project site to investigate. On March 26th, Rightleder’s representatives will go to Vietnam. For more information on the development of smart cities in India and Vietnam, the follow-up meetings will be continued to update form Rightleder’s representatives. Coming soon.