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『RIGHTLEDER』--Venezuelan trainees seawater desalination project technology training graduation ceremony


On March 17th, RIGHTLEDER held a ceremony for the graduation of seawater desalination technology training for Venezuelan trainees! All trainees from Venezuela and vice president of RIGHTLEDER Environmental Mr Su Zhongmin (hereinafter referred to as“President Su”), general manager of RIGHTLEDER Shanghai Water Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd. Ms Liu (hereinafter referred to as“Manager Liu”), general manager of RIGHTLEDER (Beijing) Pure Water Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. Mr Fan (hereinafter referred to as“Manager Fan”), director of human resources of RIGHTLEDER Ms Xu (hereinafter referred to as“Director Xu”), business manager of RIGHTLEDER Mr Yao ( hereinafter referred to as "Manager Yao") and business manager of RIGHTLEDER Ms Zhang (hereinafter referred to as "Manager Zhang") attended the graduation ceremony of the technology training!

  President Su is making a speech

  the compere Director Xu (first person on the left) and the translator

  At the graduation ceremony, the compere Manager Xu told the Venezuela trainees that RIGHTLEDER was grateful for their trust.Meanwhile she announced "Seawater desalination project technology training graduation ceremony" was officially launched.President Su was on the stage to make a speech. President Su first expressed his congratulations to Venezuelan trainees on their outstanding achievements here.He said:

  RIGHTLEDER Venezuelan seawater desalination project produced the drinking water

  Since RIGHTLEDER became the first EPC seawater desalination plant in Venezuela that was contracted and built by Chinese enterprise, with the joint efforts of both parties, the seawater desalination plant had produced the fresh water that can be drunk directly by Venezuelan people on schedule. This time, another series of Venezuelan seawater desalination project technology training is finished, I hope that after returning home these technologies will be used to continue to bring more water to Venezuelan people for drinking,domestic and other needs. In the end, on behalf of RIGHTLEDER, President Su sent his sincere blessings to all the trainees and looked forward to reuniting with more friends from Venezuela.

  Manager Liu is making a speech

  Venezuelan trainee representative the engineer Lewis (LUIS)

  Afterwards, Manager Liu ,the lecturer representative of RIGHTLEDER made her speech, Manager Liu talked about the exchanges and discussions during the coexistence with Venezuelan trainees, the time of mutual learning and reluctance of farewell, finally she looked forward to meeting each other again. At the same time, the engineer Lewis (LUIS) as the Venezuelan trainee representative also expressed their friendship to RIGHTLEDER.In retrospect of every warm moment, they also hope the friends in RIGHTLEDER will come to Venezuela for gathering.

  Issuing certificates


  When the graduation ceremony was carried out to the issue of certificate of graduation,the representatives of RIGHTLEDER awarded the well-prepared certifications of graduation to the Venezuelan trainees in turn.Afterwards, all Venezuelan trainees and RIGHTLEDER representatives took a group photo together! The cakes were sweet to everyone in the Venezuelan trainees,cups of red wine poured out the congratulations and blessings from RIGHTLEDER for the successful graduation of the Venezuelan trainees......In the warm atmosphere of sound and sound, this technology training ceremony ended. The Venezuela trainees are going to return to their homeland,but they knew that RIGHTLEDER will always welcome them again!

『RIGHTLEDER』--Venezuelan trainees seawater desalination project technology training graduation ceremony