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Annual Event 2018“Stay True to the Mission and Forge Ahead” --- RIGHTLEDER · ENVIRONMENTAL


In the January of 2018, the annual event of “Stay True to the Mission and Forge Ahead”---RIGHTLEDER · ENVIRONMENTAL was held at the appointed time.


  You may think that he (she) is bold or reserved; maybe you are sure that you will never do things like that or even try; this may be your favorite habit or you have never found…at that time, everyone is “different”.

  On the first day of the new year, RIGHTLEDER ·ENVIRONMENTAL held the annual event with the beginning of the cosplay show, which not only innovative the modality of the annual meeting, but also let the staffs of RIGHTLEDER slow down in the fast space of life. Even though only this time could you find the true role of yourself; Stay True to the Mission and Forge Ahead.


  After the cosplay show, with the fantastic video of the company’s story, Mr. Su Zhanhua, the CEO of RIGHTLEDER ·ENVIRONMENTAL appeared on the stage of the annual event. Mr. Su firstly expressed his thanks to all staffs for their efforts and supports from their relatives in this whole year; at the same time, he reviewed the most important events in 2017; afterwards Mr. Su also made it clear that what’s the goal and development track of 2018; at the speech, he also contacted the staffs of the project sites and send blessings to all employees both at home and abroad, expecting everyone to work together in 2018. Later managers of each RIGHTLEDER branch gave a speech and send the New Year wishes to all employees.


  RIGHTLEDER ·ENVIRONMENTAL has attracted worldwide attention and been respected in the industry in the past 15 years, it is the initiative mission that “to carry out with responsibility and maintain a uniform of what has been spoken and practiced”. It’s also the same to the employees, in order to thank them for their efforts and attributions for the last year, Mr. Su Zhanhua, the CEO of RIGHTLEDER ·ENVIRONMENTAL, together with the managers of each branch issued more than ten awards to the outstanding employees, such as “Outstanding Employees”, “Stars of Services”, “Stars of Sales”, “Pyramid Group”, “Best Taurus Group”, etc., so as to motivate the employees to spare no efforts to realize their dreams and the goals of the company.


  The warm atmosphere was covered with various well-prepared programs. Within the whole programs, employees of each branch showed their talents and the management group were also involved, and the room was filled with joy and happiness. All the programs were broadcast in line to workers who were in the field. During the event, everyone smiled at comedies, moved with the rhythm of songs, and travelled back with the beautiful dances… enjoying the wonderful moment.


  As “the life of the five flavors”, with the extension of the growth process, one must taste all flavors of “acid, sweet, bitter, spicy and salty” and then achieve the meanings of each flavor, this is the growth. Mr. Su Zhongmin, the Vice President of RIGHTLEDER·ENVIRONMENTAL, proposed a toast before the start of the ceremony. After sending the blessings represented leaders of RIGHTLEDER, he hoped that all employees can grow together with the company and build an “incredible” future.


  The annual event was completed under the harmonious atmosphere with a delicious meal. As for the relatives of RIGHTLEDER, only the meeting banquet was concluded; as for RIGHTLEDER·ENVIRONMENTAL, only the conclusion of 2017 and the plan of 2018 were completed; however, the road to success is not over yet.

  See you at the end of 2018 with all successes.

  RIGHTLEDER·ENVIRONMENTAL we look forward to the next appointment with you.

Annual Event 2018“Stay True to the Mission and Forge Ahead” --- RIGHTLEDER · ENVIRONMENTAL