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Rightleder and Bungarang Reach a Consensus on Cooperation on City Water Project


In recent days, Mr. Su Zhanhua, CEO of Rightleder Environmental, and Mr. Su Zhongmin, VP of Rightleder Environmental reached a consensus on cooperation on water project of Bungarang city, Indonesia with the Mayor Mr. M.Irwansyah. Mr. M.Irwansyah. is planning to visit Rightleder Environmental this October to advance the cooperation process.


  Mayor Mr. M.Irwansyah (the right) and Mr. Su Zhongmin, VP of Rightleder (the Left)

  Bungarang is the largest city of Bangka Island. Local residents have limited access to sufficient and good quality potable water due to its location and territory, which brings great threat to their health. Therefore, Mr M. Irwansyah attaches great importance on improve quality of drinking water. Limited by local technology, equipment and other factors, he prefers well-known overseas environmental enterprise.

  Rightleder Environmental is a professional water treatment enterprise, providing integrated environmental solution service including design, manufacture of equipment, construction, operation and maintenance. Rightleder has achieved excellent performance in water treatment market in Southeast Asia, Middle Asia, Middle East, Africa, South America, etc., and is obtain recognition of international water treatment industry. Through several turns of selection, Mr. M. Irwansyah chose Rightleder Environmental as partner on improving drinking water quality, and had discussion with Mr. Su Zhanhua, CEO of Rightleder Environmental on the project.



  Through further discussion and analysis on data on water resources distribution, water quality, population distribution and water demand collected by experts of Rightleder Environmental, the technical team defines a primary solution: takes water from lakes and remove impurities, bacteria, hazardous substances using Rightleder innovated technology to deliver water for direct drinking at required water quality and amount.

  Mr. M.Irwansyah agreed with the constructive advices given by Rightleder technical team, and gave a good appraisal on its profession degree and sense of responsibility. He expressed the desire for cooperation and planned to visit RIGHTLEDER in October. Meanwhile, Mr. Su Zhanhua expressed our wish to help improve quality of drinking water for residents of Bungarang city.

  We are expecting good news in October and real “FRUIT”. “Made in China” technology is to have promising future in international market.

Rightleder and Bungarang Reach a Consensus on Cooperation on City Water Project