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A Great Change in the 3.0 Era of Environmental Protection, but is the Limited Production Hindering Development?


  In October 2010, the Sate Council issued The Decision on Accelerating Cultivation and Development of Emerging Industry (hereinafter referred to as the “Decision”). The Decision addressed the important direction of the development of the strategic emerging industry, main task and supportive policy, and environmental protection industry was also included among them.

  In recent years, there is no doubt that the Party Central Committee and the Sate Council attach great importance to environmental protection, which is one of the strategic emerging industries. Since the beginning of 2017, Ministry of Environmental Protection, National Development and Reform Commission (NDPC) and Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China (MIIT) have issued relevant documents on environmental protection. In addition, the inspectorate of environmental protection has supervised entirely and thoroughly across the whole country this year, which makes a great influence on environmental protection industry.


  Driven by many factors, such as favorable policies, stringent regulatory and capital leverage, the environmental protection industry that has been dormant for 3 decades goes into the 3.0 era, from a single business model transforming to the pursuit of accurate governance and effectiveness.  

  There A lot of evidence shows that 3.0 era of environmental protection is coming. For example, the chairman of Tencent Ma Huateng published Suggestions on Comprehensively Promoting the Construction of Sponge Cities; Alibaba established a real-time platform for collecting data of domestic pollution sources; Huawei built a platform of water environmental information; IBM pushed the construction of “Smart Earth”, and so on.

  Someone has questioned, is the environmental protection industry has been engaged in the network and software, or just a transboundary? Actually, the final purpose is to implement the goal of “wisdom of environmental protection” so that all sectors of environmental protection go into the field of big data and information technology, as well as meeting the requirement of the 3.0 era of environmental protection industry.


  Taking water pollution control as an example, due to the liquidity of water, the expansion of water pollution goes faster than imagined. Therefore, monitoring an instantaneous share of big data and information could effectively reduce the area of water pollution. This method targets the control of water pollution, associates other powers in different areas to tackle water pollution effectively. Its main purpose is to minimize the water pollution area and reduce the negative effects of water pollution, not solve the problem of water pollution thoroughly.

  Now, with the desire of thoroughly solving the water pollution problem to limiting production, many methods have been taken from improving the cost of pollution, upgrading industries and getting rid of the traditional industrial models of high energy consumption and high pollution. However, because it’s not relying on advanced environmental protection equipment and lack of a rational solution that combined the market information with a practical situation to control the cost of environment, some industries of high efficiency and capacity have to face the difficult of shutting down. For these kinds of industries, the performance of upgrading in environmental protection may be not ideal.

  Facing with such a dilemma, the equipment needs to be upgraded in the industrial enterprises of traditional product pattern. Especially the wastewater treatment equipment, it needs to prevent pollution from the source. As a result, this market requirement will stimulate trillions of demands in environmental market. The Limited Production will bring a new chance for these trillions of market.

  For this reason, the environmental protection industry has been thrived, and industry reshuffle is a foregone conclusion. In many rounds of reshuffling, Rightleder Environment doesn’t not been affected by the strict environmental policies and industry reshuffle, and we give our hands to boost industrial upgrading of traditional enterprises. We are a supplier of environmental industrial solutions that focus on water purification, materials separation, zero discharge of wastewater and management of waste gas, an integrated company of R&D, equipment manufacturing, engineering construction, operation and maintenance. Not only provide technology and equipment supports for the traditional enterprises, but also makes a customized solution to upgrade the traditional industries rationally. Our products occupy more than 30% of the domestic market shares. Our business has successfully enters into Southeast Asia, Central Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Southeast America and other water treatment market.


  Although the current traditional industrial enterprises are still in the period of structural adjustment, many economic indicators has been resilience since the middle of last year, including industrial added value and profits of industrial enterprises. For the less advanced industries and overcapacity industries, maybe the Limited Production will bring the Blue Ocean to the industrial economy. If the environmental industries want to flourish in the Blue Ocean, the best weapon is endogenous development. Combined our own advantages and market demands conforms to the development of China’s market economy and long-term benefits to enterprises, and achieves a win-win situation.

A Great Change in the 3.0 Era of Environmental Protection, but is the Limited Production Hindering Development?