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Rightleder Has Achieve a Strategic Cooperation with CNMC International Trading on Concentration of Cobalt Sulfate and Purification of Sulfuric Acid


Recently, Rightleder·Doromil and CNMC International Trading (hereinafter referred to as CNIT) have developed strategic cooperative partnership. Rightleder·Doromil becomes a provider of concentration system of cobalt sulfate and purification system of sulfuric acid in copper-cobalt ore extract liquor, which is mainly used for CNIT overseas projects. This cooperation means that Rightleder·Doromil is China’s first high-tech enterprise that provides the complete system of cobalt sulfate concentration and sulfuric acid purification in overseas projects; represents that Doromil’s high technology and rich experience in domestic and foreign projects has won the confidence of markets; at the same time, the success of concentration process of cobalt sulfate also means that the industry of hydrometallurgy has enter into a new era, solving the problem of recovery of extract liquor as well as the problem of waste sulfuric acid; makes up the blank of domestic concentration process of cobalt sulfate and purification process of sulfuric acid, providing an intellectual support for the technology development in our country.

CNMC International Trading Co., Ltd was established on November 16, 2007 in the Great Hall of People. It is one of the subsidiaries of China Nonferrous Metal Mining Co., Ltd which is one of the state-owned assets of the enterprises and entered into Fortune Global 500. The major businesses of CNIT includes cooper, aluminum, zinc, nickel, gold and other 20 nonferrous metals, energy resources of radiation, raw chemical materials, steel products, construction materials, coals and travelling services. CNIT has established cooperative relationship with more than 20 countries, such as South Africa, United States, Turkey, Philippines Zambia and Mongolia. This time, CNIT choose Rightleder·Doromil to cooperate with in the overseas project of cobalt sulfate concentration and sulfuric acid purification, on the one hand, for the confidence of Doromil’s technology; on the other hand, on the basis of this overseas project reputation and the development of a strong foundation, CNIT wants to make a bedding for more follow-up projects cooperation and development through the cooperation with Doromil.

Doromil utilizes a unique principle in the process of cobalt sulfate concentration and sulfuric acid purification: the system uses the high efficiency membrane to make the sulfuric acid solution with cobalt sulfate going through the charged microporous membrane under high pressure. However, the cobalt sulfate cannot pass through this charged microporous membrane, so it left and concentrated on one side of the membrane. Some low valence saline ions and acid go through the charged microporous membrane and flow out from the other side, thus finish the separation and concentration of sulfuric acid and cobalt sulfate. This process not only makes the sulfuric acid transmittance high and the volume of cobalt sulfate concentration of 20 times; at the same time, except for stable operation, the complete system also equips with a perfect instrumentation and control system. This system is helpful to real-time monitor different operating data, intelligently control system cleaning according to the operation condition and reduce labor costs as well as reducing accident rates.

As a leading high-tech innovation company, Rightleder·Doromil affiliates with RIGHTLEDER International Holding Group Limited. Recently, Rightleder·Doromil focuses on the technology research, process research and equipment development of high-performance membrane separation of acid and separation of metal ions. Our business involves all the countries in the world, including Central Asia, the Middle East, Africa, South America and other markets. We provide customers a whole package of service, including process design, equipment manufacture, and installation and debugging from small test, pilot to industrial equipment. According to customers’ specific needs, we research and develop the optimized, the most reasonable and most economical production line.

Rightleder·Doromi land CNIT have developed strategic cooperative partnership on cobalt sulfate concentration and sulfuric acid purification. On the one hand, this system improves the recovery of cobalt, reduces the cost of extracting cobalt sulfate and achieves the rational utilization of resources; on the other hand, purifying the sulfuric acid solves the problem of waste sulfuric. In the future, Rightleder·Doromil will continue to utilize our first-class technology, professional team and quality service to customize the most reasonable solutions for our customers.
Rightleder Has Achieve a Strategic Cooperation with CNMC International Trading on Concentration of Cobalt Sulfate and Purification of Sulfuric Acid