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The First Rightleder Business School Graduation Ceremony Was Successfully Opened


Just like a manor of harvest, youth is suffused with hope and happiness when we passed. There is no fruit of waiting in the youth but a high morale. Without a heroic undertaking, we can also rise abruptly based on our accumulated strength.

On July 3, the first Rightleder business school graduation ceremony was successfully opened. This is a feast of youth, every staff in Rightleder are sparkling.

On 12:20, when all students are waiting for the opening of the ceremony, an unexpected guest, Mr. Su Zhanhua, the chairman of Rightleder· Environmental, came to the scene of the ceremony, and the atmosphere of the scene was instantly boiling up. Mr. Su sent his blessing for every student. He said that the business school was not only a stage for every staff to show their own abilities, but also a source for Rightleder’s development. After graduation, Rightleder will continue to provide some extra training for every student to enhance the comprehensive strength.

“You standing here is a representation of the recognition of Rightleder to you, and also your acceptation to Rightleder. Wish you success here in the future.” Mr. Su’s speech caused applause of everyone in the scene.

    After the speech, Mr. Su issued a graduation certificate to every student in the business school. Every graduate is smiling with confidence for that they have grown to outstanding persons, and ran faster for their own future.
The excitement of the certification not yet receding, the big screen began to play pictures of activities since the establishment of the business school, and every picture brought back the memory of the scene: at the training class, students’ helpless from the beginning to the intimacy in the end; at discussion class, everyone is free to talk and form a deep friendship after several debates and thoughts; at the visiting of rehabilitation center for children with autism, every student is touched by the atmosphere and smiled warmly. These are traces of growth for both the students at the business school and the Rightleder Business School.
After playing the pictures, there was another round of applause, and then students shared their efforts, laughers, sweat and touching on their own way. Everyone could not help but choked when they closed the talk, and they hope they can have such wonderful experience once again.
At the end of the graduation ceremony, students of the business school wrote down the alumni with each other to memorize the friendship, efforts and a journey of youth. They also gave their own good wish for the next business school students. To this end, the first Rightleder business school graduation ceremony came to a successful conclusion, and let’s looks forward to the next business school.
The First Rightleder Business School Graduation Ceremony Was Successfully Opened