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The Secretary of State of Cambodia visited Rightleder·Environment


Mr. Noy Shoung from Cambodian Secretary of State visited Rightleder·Environment, an very important meeting with CEO Zhanhua Su in terms of  Rightleder· Environment's comprehensive investment in Cambodia was held on the date of 13th May, and the meeting made the good progress.


The second from the left is Mr. Zhanhua Su, the third from the left is Mr. Noy Shoung

Cambodia is also called "Country of Miracle", which has a long history and beautiful natural landscapes. There are a lot of rivers and abundant water resources. However, according to the introduction of Mr. Noy Shoung, Cambodia currently exists the problems of scarcity and aging of water conservation facilities, many Cambodians still are in lack of water. Especially in the dry season, the use of water in some areas is very tense, not only can not conserve water, but also can not distribute and effectively supply hygienic water and food culture water.

CEO of Righleder·Environment Zhanhua Su considered that solving the problem of water supply for Cambodians is the social responsibility that an environmental protection company must assume to do that. Rightleder·Environment pays more attention to the domestic drinking water sector. This year, Rightleder·Envronment contracted Venezuela's Falcon State Seawater Desalination EPC project, which provides the clean, safe drinking water for thousands of local residents and successfully promotes local economic development.

苏战华先生为Noy Shoung先生介绍莱特莱德·环境的项目案例

Mr. Zhanhua Su was introducing the cases of Righeleder·Environmental projects to Mr. Noy Shoung

Mr. Noy Shoung made a very positive assessment to Rightleder·Environment 's corporate responsibility and very interested in Rightleder·Environment' s zero - emission technology. Mr. Noy Shoung said that many Cambodian industrial constructions could not be started their business just because wastewater could not be treated at all, while, the zero-emission technology of Rightleder·Environment was capable of emitting no pollutants after wastewater treatment, the industry breakthrough in Cambodia could be achieved without damaging the environment as cost. To that end, Mr. Zhanhua Su said that China is now positively proposing the developed idea of “green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains”, and Rightleder· Environment also wishes to contribute a force to China's environmental protection even globally, and realize the entrepreneurial vision of "Be more environmental".

Noy Shoung先生参观莱特莱德·环境设备

Noy Shoung was visiting the equipment

After knowing all aspects of the Rightleder·Environment’s business scopes, Mr. Noy Shoung came to Rightleder's local production base to have a visit. The prudence and meticulousness of the base has been expressive to Mr. Noy Shoung. Mr. Noy Shoung was excited to visit a variety of equipment manufactured by Rightleder·Environment, and presented many technical questions, and technical personnel gave him the detailed answers to these questions.


The meeting was ended successfully

This meeting had great significance between each other, on one hand, Rightleder market in Southeast Asia has been expanded, and Righeleder's influence on the international has been further promoted; on the other hand, Cambodia had a deep knowledge of China's environmental protection industry, and founded a good cooperation basis upon environmental protection between China and Cambodia. We believe that under the leadership of Rightleder·Environment, more and more similar contracts between China and Cambodia would be reached.

The Secretary of State of Cambodia visited Rightleder·Environment