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A new year, let’s make progress together




We bid farewell to the pioneering and innovative 2016, ushered in a hopeful, challenging, and enterprising 2017. We thank you for all your support, thank you for your hard work and solidarity in the past year. RIGHTLEDER wishes you a happy new year and warmest greetings.

Back in 2016, we are very proud for a year full of brave innovations: overseas desalination project officially launched with many achievements; Blue-Gold Environmental Technology Research Institute was established with Shenyang University of Technology to build to further enhance the Group’s R&D strength; RIGHTLEDER commercial college was established not only built a broader platform for employees, but also to enhanced their own strength; the same time, RIGHTLEDER brought on-site presentation of the latest research results in Aquatech China for many customers at home and abroad, foreign friends and gained high praise!

In this year, RIGHTLEDER also achieved a number of national R&D patents, the technologies are in leading position, and the product gets high praise!

Recalling RIGHTLEDER’s course, it’s fifteen years of hard work, innovation, persistence, and development. RIGHTLEDER has become an integrated industry benchmarking enterprise set of R&D design, test demonstration, process design, equipment manufacturing, construction, operation and maintenance! This benefit by the vision of the management, the spirit of the craftsman and years of selfless dedication!

In 2017, although we have a long way to go, we are confident and full of ambition! We adopt product innovation to win new market space! We will further deepen the reform of management system, promote the continuous innovation of products, seek more development space and resist the market risk. In the development of our common ideal- to make environmental protection more environmentally friendly, and to be a well-known national brand!

Looking forward to 2017’s goals and development blueprint, we firmly believe that the there is new hope, new hard work, through the joint efforts of all our colleagues, carry forward the courageous innovation, the spirit of unity forge ahead, we will open up new glories!

In the new year we will face more challenges, but the challenges of the market is also breeds new development and opportunities. Crisis and opportunity coexist, pressure and power in the same. We will be full of spirit and high passion to face new challenges, with a high sense of mission and responsibility to contribute to the community, so that the sky is more blue, so that the water more clear, so that the world a better!

We wish you a happy new year.

RIGHTLEDER International Holding Group

Jan.25 2017

A new year, let’s make progress together