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Rightleder held its first fun games successfully


September 30, Rightleder’s first fun games was held in Shenyang University of Technology. Hundreds of athletes from the operation center, service center, planning center, customer service center, quality research and development center and the branches of the tenacious struggled in the game, showing a good spirit of Rightleder people and the spirit of making progress.

The magnificent opening ceremony

9:00 am, the game begins, the fun games are divided into eight participating teams, all the Rightleder staff are actively enrolled and participate actively.

With the passionate melody of “march”, athletes appear on the scene with vigorous walking appearance, and uniformity of the pace confirms the conviction of unity. Loud slogan with fighting spirit shout out the spirit of never give up and strive to the first determination.

After that, beautiful girls from the South American Division performed a wonderful opening dance, showing the youth and vitality, which left a beautiful landscape under the blue sky !

Liu Jia, the general manager said in the opening speech that, I believe that victory belongs to those who dare to struggle, dare to self-transcendence, with passionate and high morale, we shall race in best achievement, and race with Rightleder style! Then she announced that the game begins.

Unity and hard work of the athletes


A total of ten sports are in this game, with each of them full of passion and fun. Tug-of-war athletes fought united, courageously; the “seven people and eight feet” athletes raced as one body, helped each other and worked together to forge ahead; sumo athletes face difficulties bravely; athletes of nametag ripping battle worked together, and acted in concert.


Each athlete showed themselves as well as their style, which achieved spiritual civilization and performance.

Devoting staffs


“Safflower also need green leaves lining,” the racing athletes without the contribution of all the staffs! They all over the arena to serve the athletes, they worked hard asking for nothing in return.

16:00, the game ended in a satisfactory way with the “team 3-5 ” got the championship. these fun games not only enhanced the cohesion within the department, but also enhanced the exchanges between departments, and built a stage for the staff to display their talent, friendship.

This Games is not only a review on the psychological quality and a physical fitness and sports level review, but also a review on discipline and spirit, every Rightleder will compete to improve, move forward in unity!

Rightleder held its first fun games successfully