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Rightleder’s First “YIWAN” Product Design Contest


Rightleder International Holding Group’s first “YIWAN” product design contest was held in headquarters of Rightleder at 12 A.M of Sep. 17th , 2016. The contest focus on improving the staff’s ability for independent innovation to promote product upgrading, and aims at attracting, encouraging and discovering new product design personnel, and develop the design personnel which can meet the enterprise and market demands.


It is reported that the contest has set ¥10,000 bonus for the contestants, and there are altogether 7 teams with more than 50 players has joined the contest since its launch in August. The contest was divided into product design, release phase and sales phase. During the design phase, the teams are required to design the product base on its specific field, and the product designed need to be practical with obvious differentiation characteristics, innovative technology and appearance design as well as upgraded material; during the sales phase, the product should be put on the market to have it recognized. The contest invited the branch general managers, authoritative consultants and distinguished guests as the judges and have them judged with just, fair and open principle.

All the works of the contest are closely aligned with resident and enterprise operation practice, which fully embodies the contestant’s innovation consciousness and ability, reflects Rightleder people has paid close attention to economic development, social livelihood of the people and other hot topics, and meet customer’s actual demand with rich imagination and experimental basis. After the contest, the vice President of Rightleder said that the contest is very meaningful. The product design should focus on the the customer’s feelings, continuously promote the product innovation based on the comprehensive advantage, and promote the transformation from innovation to application, develop and promote a group of high practicability and high value new products around the service needs of customers.

Rightleder’s First “YIWAN” Product Design Contest