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Warm Congratulations to Rightleder’s CE-certificated, perfect services with Chinese characteristics


You can have McDonald’s, KFC and western fast food everywhere in Beijing; You can buy Chinese cloth art and ceramics in somewhere in Europe, and you can drive a sports car in south Africa. Imported goods can be found anywhere in the world in modern day, which has formed the “global markets”. The commodity economy has rises to an unprecedented prosperity by the integration of the world market.

However, the problem arises from it: does the western fast food is safe and healthy to you? Does the imported cosmetics conform to the commodity inspection? It’s like there’s a kind of meat called “mock meat”. Let me show you what is true safety!


The CE certification is a safety-related certification rather than the quality-related. The certified product conforms to the basic requirements of the EU directives. The CE certification is considered the “passport” to the European market for the manufacturers. Thus, the products with CE tags can be sold to EU member states without authorization, so as to achieved the free circulation of goods within the EU member states. Similarly, products without CE certification can not be sold to the EU.

Is not that easy to be certified by CE! CE is a perfect security system rather than a simple test. Many domestic manufacturers think they are CE certified with the pass of the lab test. In fact, this is a one-sided understanding to CE certification.

As CE relates to safety, so every CE certified product must ensure the design, production, packaging, manual writing, transportation, sale, service life, recycling, and other processes are in conformity with the European health, safety, environmental protection and the relevant legal provisions. The product should always be safe for the user and the environment. Therefore, a manufacturer must satisfy the following four requirements if it wants to be CE certified:

1. CE labels on products before the product was sold to EU.

2, The technical documentation for the product must be stored within EU territory and be ready to be checked at any time after the product was sold to EU.

3. Take remedial measures to unqualified products found by inspection institutes or any accident-occurred products during the operation.

4. If the EU law or relevant raw has changes after the CE-labeled product was sold to EU, the manufacturer should change or amend accordingly to make the subsequent products conform to the new requirements.

Rightleder did it!!! As a member of Rightleder, I was very excited! As early as 2002, Rightleder had moved into the field of environmental protection, and with 14 years of development, we have become a professional enterprise in water treatment field, fluid (material) separation and concentration, wastewater zero discharge and waste gas treatment. We provide customers with affordable, high cost performance and perfect environmental protection solutions, which is the common goal of every Rightleder. Rightleder not only targetes the domestic market precisely, but also provides reliable solutions by CE certification.


  Rightleder’s CE certification

The Internet era brings marketing fragmentization as well as the integration of the global economy. With the progress of science and technology and the development of production, the space distance of the earth is shortened and the “time lag” tends to disappear. In the face of the economic pattern of “global interdependence”, our pace is still firm as always.

Warm Congratulations to Rightleder’s CE-certificated, perfect services with Chinese characteristics