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Rightleder: True Gold Fears No Fire, Cooperation Leads to Win-Win


The 9th AQUATECH CHINA water exhibition was held in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center in June 15-17th 2016. After 8 times of successful holding, the AQUATECH CHINA has already became the world’s top 1 water exhibition with the largest scale, the highest quality and expertise. As a professional water treatment media, HC360 was invited to be the media in this exhibition to have a three-day zero distance follow-up report. Mr Su Zhongmin, vice president of Rightleder international holding group accepted HC360’s interview to have a deep discussion on the current water treatment industry situation and development.


  Mr Su Zhongmin, vice president of Rightleder international holding group in the interview

With the rapid industrialization and urbanization of China, the environmental pollution has become increasingly serious, and China is paying more and more attention to the environmental protection, the atmosphere, water, garbage, soil control program has been introduced frequently, environmental protection industry will become an important drive to economic growth. As early as 2002, Rightleder had began its strategic march on the field of environmental protection, and through 14 years of development, has now become a professional water treatment enterprise in pure water treatment, fluid (material) separation and concentration, wastewater zero discharge treatment and waste management. Rightleder has three main categories of product: water treatment, air treatment and biological fermentation. Rightleder not only precisely aimed at the market, but also did a race to the top.

In the interview, Mr. Su expressed in detail that the ultrapure water and wastewater zero discharge systems are the main trend of water system development in the future. Mr. Su said, “The advantages of Rightleder in water system are embodied in the patent product and technology of antibiotic wastewater treatment, which can achieve the emission standards with low cost. In recent years, the national wastewater waste and gas treatment standards has become more and more strict, the difficult, toxic, or benzene ring containing degradation-resistant water has become the problem in water treatment. Through own efforts, Rightleder successfully solved the technical problems and invented its independent patent technology. From the overall design, research and development, the technology took two years, together with the Shenyang University of Technology, the first set of equipment with patented technology was invented. This equipment can reduce the COD of wastewater down to a few hundreds from tens of thousand, and achieve up-to-standard release. As is known to all, most of the biological fermentation and material extraction are controlled by foreign enterprises, while the technology of Rightleder will greatly reduce the operating costs and investment cost of domestic biological pharmaceutical companies. Meanwhile, this technology also improved the market competitiveness of domestic products, and also did contribution for the environmental protection.

Rightleder has a number of independent inventions. Moreover, Mr. Su also introduced the nation’s first set of 85-degree high temperature water desalination system in this interview, which is the reuse of produced water. The produced water can be directly sent to the boiler with 85 degree after treatment, so as to save energy consumption, and the steam generated can also be recycled. This technology has gained the approval of CNPC and Sinopec, and also got the national special award.

The market competition of water industry has become more and more fierce, and Rightleder knows that only cooperation leads to win-win. Mr. Su said, “for the enterprises, to participate in the world's largest professional exhibition is not only a comprehensive show of products, power, image and culture, but also an opportunity to expand the brand influence and improve the enterprise brand awareness. It is also an opportunity for RIGHTLEDER to seek for cooperation, combine the advantages, reach the new requirements and new parameters, and develop the market together under the guidance of new policy.

Rightleder Environment is the subsidiary of Rightleder Holding Group. Rightleder specialized in the fields of pure water treatment, fluid (materials) separation and concentration, zero discharge of wastewater and waste gas treatment, which is an integrated enterprise of research & development, experiment demonstrates, process design, manufacture, operation and services; Rightleder has passed ISO9001 quality system certification, ISO14001 environment system certification and OHSMS18001 occupational health and safety management systems.

Rightleder adheres the service principle of “scientific innovation, technological priority and people oriented. Strives to be the trustworthy service provider, and provide the customers with competitive and high cost-performance technical solutions perfect service system, as well as affordable and effective environmental protection solution. 

Rightleder: True Gold Fears No Fire, Cooperation Leads to Win-Win