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Focus on Water Treatment RIGHTLEDER in Leading Position


In recent years, the environmental pollution problem caused by economic development is gaining increasing attention. The state encourages wastewater disposal, energy conservation and emissions reduction, water recycling, which will accelerate the rapid development of the water recycling and wastewater treatment market. It is expected that the investment in wastewater disposal (including disposal investment and operating cost) will reach 1.3922 trillion yuan during the “13rd five-year-plan”.

Recently, in the three-day 2016 Shanghai international water exhibition, BJX interviewed Mr. Fan Hao, division general manager of Liaoning RIGHTLEDER Environmental Engineering Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as: RIGHTLEDER) for service concept, core technology, successful cases and development planning etc.


Comprehensive Environmental Protection Service Forms Leading Brand

Since it was founded 14 years ago, RIGHTLEDER has adhered to the pattern of “comprehensive environmental protection service”, which had gained recognition of the customers and also won a good reputation for the enterprise. Mr. Fan said that “the comprehensive environmental protection service starts from the customer’s perspective, and chose the most suitable and the best cost-effective products for our customers”.

In terms of customer service, RIGHTLEDER provides customers with better, more convenient, or even simpler way of service and maintenance. RIGHTLEDER will perfect the relevant report, related operations and personnel training after the machines are finished. RIGHTLEDER will also regularly organize the clients in the same industry to discuss the problems and difficulties in operation and maintenance. Also the specialist of RIGHTLEDER will answer the questions and solve the problems.

Service is gaining increasing focus nowadays, how should environmental protection industries shape the brand and customer service together is a difficult problem in front of everyone. Mr. Fan gave his answer to this question, “through project demonstration, product design, test and verification, expand production, subsequent service, etc a series of process, RIGHTLEDER provides customers with profit maximization, and enhance the brand effect at the same time.

In recent years, China introduced a new environmental law, and “the Action Plan for Prevention and Treatment of Water Pollution” to pressure water treatment industry. Due to good policy trends, wastewater treatment industry ushered in the gold period. It is expected that by 2020, the investment to finish the corresponding target in the “plan”needs 4 to 5 trillion yuan.

Such a massive market, Mr. Fan said, “RIGHTLEDER has made adequate preparation, develop new product according to the market development; target market will be clearer and the development will be faster. 14 years of growth, no matter from the technical, research and development, production, RIGHTLEDER has been a leading brand and the most trusted water treatment technology service provider.

In face of the incoming market competition, RIGHTLEDER also has its own unique opinion: competition exists in all walks of life, which is a driving force for enterprise development. Strong enterprise will developed new technology, and only outstanding technology, outstanding product will gain the market, this is an age of opportunity and challenge coexist.”

Focus on Water Treatment Technology and Provide the Best Solution

At present, China’s water treatment industry is still in the growth period. In recent years, a batch of excellent water treatment enterprises has encounter rapid rise by marketization and technology innovation, who has became a new force of the industry with great potential. Then what core competitive ability makes RIGHTLEDER maintain its leading position in these 14 years? Mr. Fan told the story.

RIGHTLEDER has eight core technologies, four research institutes, gives top priority to customer’s demand, optimizes technology according to the needs of customers, provides the most suitable technology products and services, extends service period, provides better service response, which can let customers have a better experience. RIGHTLEDER improve the technology patent constantly and become more adapted to the market, develop better products, and customers can get advanced technologies and services.

Wastewater Zero Discharge is a Target rather Than an End

Along with the expansion of wastewater treatment and the increasing demand for upgrading existing wastewater treatment facilities, the value of high-end wastewater treatment equipment is gradually become highlighted, water treatment companies will usher in the golden development period . Difficult water zero discharge should be a target rather than an end, and it should be the pursuit of product. Industrial wastewater deep treatment is a multi-objective coupling: harmony between human and nature, economical production and the optimal resource configuration.

Mr. Fan said, “wastewater zero discharge market is changing constantly, whose demand mainly comes from south China earlier, and now moving North gradually, northwest and southwest market also increasing. As wastewater of factories and chemical plant continues to change, RIGHTLEDER follows these enterprises and innovates at the same time.

“Along with the progress of science and technology, zero discharge technology is also in constantly improvement. Reuse the water, use the best separation methods, utilize the useful water, reuse the useful material in water, and the product water can be discharged with no pollution or treated again, this is zero discharge”. Mr. Fan said.

Give Full Play to Core Competitiveness, Go Abroad One Step at a Time

In recent years, internationalization concept of the environmental protection industry was formed; Chinese environmental protection enterprises have strong demand of go abroad. These enterprises have accumulated rich experience in construction and operation over the years, who have laid a solid foundation for the international market exploration.

RIGHTLEDER has different international market layout, whose main market is in south Africa, the middle East, Asia and Europe, etc. Mr. Fan said, “go abroad and enter the international market, the company has prepared for a long time, and we already have some projects in the past two years. We did this and got the recognition.”

It is urgent to purify the wastewater and reuse it. As a service provider, the concept of“ provide affordable, low operation cost and perfect environmental protection solution “will become the main trend, “let the environmental protection more environmental” will be the greatest vision of every man in this field. 

Focus on Water Treatment  RIGHTLEDER in Leading Position