Rightleder’s Nuclear Water Treatment Technology in Northeast Nuclear Power Project Making a Significant Breakthrough


The State Council issued the policy to support the revitalization of the Northeast and then the Northeast Nuclear Power Project was officially launched. On August 19, Chinese government website released “State Council on the recent support of a number of major policy initiatives Northeast view" and claimed to optimize the energy structure in northeast China, start the construction of Nuclear Power Phase II Project in Liaoning Hongyanhe and Liaoning Xu Fort Nuclear Power Projects timely. As the most influential enterprise in northeast China’s water treatment industry, Rightleder (RIGHTLEDER ENVIRONMENTAL INVESTMENT GROUP INC) made its effort to support the construction of hometown.

Rightleder Nuclear Water Treatment Technology Research and Development Center said, “In order to promote the smooth progress of Northeast Nuclear Power Project, we must have excellent technology as the backing.” One of the major factors affecting the safe and reliable operation of nuclear power plants is the selection and implementation of the Nuclear Water Treatment Technology. Rightleder sets up a special group of special nuclear power plant water treatment and has made great breakthroughs in aspects of nuclear power water treatment technology, cost control and applications.

As the leading enterprise in northeast China’s water treatment industry, Rightleder (RIGHTLEDER ENVIRONMENTAL INVESTMENT GROUP INC) actively responded to the call of Chinese government and contributed their efforts to revitalize the northeast. Rightleder is growing rapidly in recent years. It advocates that “Quality is the survival of the enterprise while service is the root of brand development” always puts the interests of users in the first place. Rightleder’s production is according to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Department of Health (NSI), NSF, FDA, Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), ASTM material Standards Association, the European Union CE Standards and some related domestic standards. And at the same time it strictly enforces the ISO9001 Quality Certification and IS014001 Environmental Certification System Requirements in order to ensure the quality of products. Our company’s Nuclear Water Treatment Technology involves in various fields. Rightleder has made a major breakthrough in water treatment technology research, and won the national patent. Rightleder has trained a professional design and implementation team in the thermal power plants and nuclear power plant water treatment project. This helps to accumulate a wealth of engineering experience and improve the company's ability to implement the power plant project. The start of Northeast Nuclear Power Project will surely boost the development of water treatment industry. Rightleder will fully enhance the Nuclear Water Treatment Technology and exceed international standards. Rightleder will compose a new chapter in improving the Nuclear Water Treatment Technology and support the construction of hometown with concrete actions.