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The strength of a single spark starting a prairie fire Rightleader makes an inventory of its fleet of time


2014 is a year with rapid development and communications for RIGHTLEDER. So many wonderful things create astounding commercial place on its way to environmental protection, such as the cooperation with Industrial University ,the presence and guidance of Professor Wang Fang ,the built up of Jiang Su company, successful march to positive island, the coronae of HuiCong and so on. As if enumerating one's family valuables, let`s see its fleet of time.

  The prestence and guidance of Professor Wang Fang from Tsinghua University

On August 14th, Professor Wang Fang from Tsinghua University, was present at Rightleader, who focuses on the research of environmental protection and water treatment. Whether practical application, technology research and development, or the future of water treatment technology development, they had been carefully guided by Wang Fang. This seminar would become an important turning point to Rightleader as regard to water softening treatment technology breakthrough.

  Rightleader`s formally joints in positive island

In August, Rightleader officially joint positive island and concluded the real relationship with the neighbor islands which are far apart from each other. It was special to the formation of a line of energy field with the resonance and circulation online to offline.

  Rightleader`s cooperation with Industrial University

On October 25th, Rightleader signed the agreement with ShenYang Industrial University on personnel training and technology cooperation. Both sides would explore to establish environmental engineering enterprises to develop a win-win new model with colleges and universities, to create comprehensive, long-term strategic partnership. More efforts to train personnel would further enhance Rightleader’s capability of science and technology, which was beneficial to realize the integration of the advantages of Industrial University, common development. Finally, they could work together to create a better future.

  Rightleader achieved the coronae

On November 18th, "Dongxin Cup", which is an exhibition activity for China water industry brand in order to build a brand + technology feast, contained over 50 experts on water treatment industry, over 300 professional users and over 10 technical topics. Rightleader, who put the interests of customers as its first principle of service stood out, and won the honorary title "users’ satisfaction with the brand" on "Dongxin Cup" water industry brands.

  Rightleader’s establishment of a branch in Jiang Su

In 2014, Rightleader established its branch in Jiang Su. Since its establishment, Rightleader has adhered to good products as its fundamental idea. By the most economical way, customers could get the greatest benefits. By the first advocation of the warranty for five years, Rightleader broke the record of the long warranty of environmental protection enterprises to set customers’ mind at rest!

These 13 years, although it is hard on its way to environmental protection, Rightleader always believes: environmental protection will be sparks of fire, which can start a prairie fire. It has been in action!

The strength of a single spark starting a prairie fire Rightleader makes an inventory of its fleet of time