A Sharp Weapon to Improve the Competitiveness of China’s Polysilicon Enterprises in International Markets


In the public of the “Solar Photovoltaic Industry 1025 development planning” by China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the high purity silicon was listed as the development priority. It also pointed out that "We should support the development of backbone enterprises so that the polysilicon enterprises will reach to 50,000 ton-level and the backbone enterprises of them will be up to ten thousand tons level.” Polysilicon production achieved the synchronous improvement of industrial scale, product quality and environmental standards. The average integrated power consumption will be less than 120 kWh / kg by 2015.

With the increasing competition on the international markets, to survive in the upgrading of industrial structure, polysilicon enterprises need to improve industrial technology and equipment, focus on strengthening enterprise systems integration, energy utilization, low power consumption reduction, by-product utilization, silane method, fluidized bed and other devices as well as the development and industrialization of process technology, promote the localization of equipment and related materials, and enhance the independent innovation capabilities of the enterprises. Improving the qualities of products and reducing costs also need to be taken as the core in order to accelerate technological upgrading. Besides, polysilicon enterprises are supposed to promote the rational distribution of industry, encourage enterprises to move to low-cost areas of energy, realize the effectual adjustment of resource, extend to the downstream industry chain in order to reduce the business risk. In response to the changes in the polysilicon industry, Rightleder worked hard with its technical strength. There are large amounts of waste acid produced during production of polysilicon and most domestic polysilicon enterprises just discharged. This caused much environmental pollution. At the same time, enterprises cannot live up to our country’s environmental protection concept to save energy and use by-products comprehensively. This caused the enterprises a huge waste of resources. Vice President Zhao Jiasheng of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association introduced that Chinese polysilicon enterprises reduced the cost of production significantly through a large transformation and improved the competitiveness of enterprises obviously. The birth of Rightleder’s annular dialysis technology completely solved the problem of the treatment and recycling of waste acid in the polysilicon enterprises’ production process. This brought the polysilicon enterprises revolutionize prospects for development and expanded the competitive advantages of China’s polysilicon enterprises in the international market.