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Lab Ultrapure Water - a Full Range of Maintenance services


Through recent years, researches and user feedbacks investigated by more than 200 domestic laboratories’ ultrapure water machines reveal that a 15L / H ultra-pure water device of a foreign brand has to replace supplies 4-5 time in the first year, whose costs ranging from 5000 to 8000. On the second year of routine replacement, the core components, such as EDI, Ro membrane, ultrafiltration terminal, Uv, nuclear grade polishing resin, etc, , the average cost rises from 10000 to 15000. The annual cost is so extremely expensive that customers cannot accept the fees. It is very common apply lab ultrapure water system in laboratories. However, common issues we are facing are following:

1. Expensive post-maintenance and frequent replacement.

2. The lack of sales staff when replacing consumables

3. Frequent supplier’s changes, mainly owning to supplier’s unstable business.

4. Skeptical attitude held by the ultra-pure water machine performance when owners looking for too many suppliers.

5. The conflicting configuration between owners and ultra-pure water machine which cannot reach the design life requirement.

Aiming at these problems above, in early 2013, Rightleder has launched a full range maintenance services for the lab ultrapure water machines, the one-year comprehensive maintenance service which namely cost customer annual maintenance fees to enjoy subsequent maintenance. All replacement are supplied by the Rightleder Company which will regularly send professional engineers to inspect equipment and replace supplies in advance to ensure the quality of water, which save clients ‘time to avoid troubles in machine failure and water delays.

Why it is necessary to buy a full range of maintenance service for clients?

Unlike the usual factories, laboratory staffs don’t conclude of maintenance worker, and each one has his own experiments. It is impossible to put too much energy in the ultra-pure water machine. Meanwhile, many domestic agents lacking professional service team are trading companies without stable business. The following services cannot be guaranteed, which results in that the owners frequently seek for repair service and replacement of consumables. Therefore, service companies can not be assessed. Laboratory personnel only need to take qualified ultrapure water each time to make sure that there is always qualified water supplying; and each laboratory has regular expenses each time the expenses will take some time to be approved and taken into process. Each year unnecessary troubles are brought to laboratory workers who are in charge of the experiments cost due to repeated replacement of supplies and maintenance equipment. Rightleder is able to solve the above problem with comprehensive services by requesting for a one-time money so that Rightleder can provide customers with 1 year, 2 year, 3 year period of maintenance and other services, such as a three year maintenance services. All the supplies and maintenance costs in three years can be applied for reimbursement only when the user makes payments at one time. Rightleder are responsible for all of the supplies and services during the period, which means a full-time intangible service engineers is equipped for each laboratory that is responsible for periodic supplies inspection and equipment, replacement. By the means of that, the user could save a certain amount of financial resources. Rightleder maintenance service data reflects that our professional service engineers responsible for water machine maintenance services can save more than 20% of the cost of replacement supplies for customers. While water demand for different laboratories is satisfied, process is also optimized to ensure users acquire the best services with the least money.

Why chose Rightleder’s lab ultrapure water machine’s maintenance service?

1、First-Class service quality: As the using lives of equipments increasing,the whole system is less reliable due to aging devices, which may cause inaccurate instruments display, motor noise, parts leaking, and frequent replacement. At this time, two things need to be done well, one is timely replacement, the other is the accuracy timeliness. It seems easy to do, but actually no. It requires professional experience and theoretical foundation to do it effectively. What Rightleder has is a professional maintenance services team in which each service engineer has more than three years in site service experience after undergoing a rigorous the job training to make themselves skillful and smiling in order to keep customers from worrying!

2、Complete spare parts: The Rightleder Company has the largest stock of spare parts warehouse, equipped with recording worker. Warehouses have been set up in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenyang to ensure the supply of spare parts. Meanwhile the international core such as EDI, Ro film, polishing resin and other manufacturers have signed a global purchase agreement with Rightleder to insure that the price of spare parts is lower than any domestic manufacturers, which dominating on the cost of supplies occupy.

3、Additional value-added services: Depending on domestic water quality, the Rightleder Company will combine its experience on the ultrapure water industry for 15 years to provide free diagnostic for customers and system upgrades to ensure the rationality and stability of the system. Water quality aircraft impact will be eliminated. While providing customers with spare machine services, Rightleder can also provide backup machines for customers free of charge some because of equipment failure.

Lab Ultrapure Water - a Full Range of Maintenance services