Flue Sintering and Gas Purification Facility and Wastewater Treatment System


Although the new flue gas purification systems has taken effect so that the flue gas emissions will not cause air pollution, new pollutant is produced ----- water pollution. Most domestic enterprises currently have produced a new wastewater while constructing the flue gas purification facility in the early time. The general pollutants in wastewater are mainly high concentration of NH3-N, Cl-, SO42-, suspensions and a few amounts of heavy metal ions. Such wastes are collectively called the flue gas purification sewage acid boiling water.

Relying on excellent technical team, Rightleder targets the market to establish the acid-containing wastewater development team consisting of national and international experts which combines previous engineering experience. The team marched into the market in early 2013, and after more than one year’s small tests plus tests, accumulating substantial test data, constantly optimizing the process, it has been able to explore the market research process route to point out a high-tech direction in today's highly competitive water treatment market and meanwhile solve the issue owning to PM2.5 controlling. It is true for us to live below blue sky and build generations’ future. As business is doing, Rightleder has constantly sought for new breakthroughs to be an environmental protective and a high-tech enterprise that is able to make benefits to the country.