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Professor Wang Fang from Tsinghua University Visit and Guide Rightleder


On August 14th, Professor Wang Fang from Tsinghua University was present at Rightleder, who conducted on-the-spot investigation and put forward valuable opinions on few projects under construction after he visited Rightleder’s factory,.

Professor Wang Fang is 76 years old this year. In 1962, he chose to stay at his alma mater, Tsinghua University, where Professor Wang committed himself to studying the electrodeionization water purification technology and electrical regeneration of ion exchange resin technology focusing on research in the field of environmental water treatment. He Possess a number of academic works of ion exchange water treatment. The most famous writings admired by industry is the green ion exchange technology works.

Professor Wang Fang and the engineers of Rightleder Technology Research Center had two-hours-long comprehensive communication in terms of technology applications; for example, soften desalination, make-up water desalination, and green ion exchange and so on. He shared the accumulating technology experience over the years with the Rightleder’s engineers, which made Rightleder benefit from practical application, technology research and future development of water treatment technologies. The seminar will be an important turning point for Rightleder to make breakthroughs. Professor Wang Fang highly praised Rightleder’s emphasis on the talents training, and reached agreement on the joint research and development, talents training based on a high strategic cooperation with Shenyang University of Technology. Moreover, he said that comprehensive technical research would be carried out in cooperation work with Rightleder in aspects of demineralized water desalination and boiler make-up water fields.

As leader of the water treatment industries in China, Rightleder always sticks to people-oriented, customer-first service concept from each link ranging from the program feasibility, engineering design, project budget, equipment manufacturing, and equipment installation and after-sale service. The main first-line bands partners are Veolia, Ruansof, Korea Woongjin Chemical, Sanqcar, Denmark Grundfos, Siemens, GE, Britain Purolite, Dow Chemical (Rohm and Haas), Po Sandwich Resin, Qing forces and other internationally renowned companies.

Rightleder’s strictly implements the standards of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Department of Health (NSI), NSF, FDA, Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), ASTM material Standards Association, the European Union CE and the ISO9001 quality certification system to make sure the supplied products are qualified.

Currently Rightleder has more than 40 senior engineers who acquire the certification of the US Environmental Protection, advanced water treatment project certification, VWS certified engineers and many other professional certifications. Rightleder now has 107 patens.

Based on domestic market, RIGHTLEDER ENVIRONMENTAL INVESTMENT GROUP INC intends to march into the international market. Rightleder aims to become the world's leading supplier of water treatment solutions, and always put the interests of customers in the first place. Customer satisfaction has always been our goal!

Professor Wang Fang from Tsinghua University Visit and Guide Rightleder