A Liaoning journalist of an environmental protection industry newspaper visited Rightleder


Recently, a reporter of an environmental protection industry newspaper arrived at our company for an on-the –spot interview at 9:00 on December 2. He made a comprehensive understanding and coverage on Rightleder’s product manufacturing process. In the company office, Manager Su extended a warm welcome to the journalist.

During the interview, Manager Su introduced the functions and applications of our related water treatment devices in detail, and smoothly expressed his current prospects for the development of water treatment industry, so that our guests could have a deep understanding of Rightleder’s water treatment equipment.

The leader of our company took the guest to our factory. Miss Lee, the Journalist, said when she approached the factory, she thought she was placed in the forefront of the world's high-tech development after seeing all kinds of advanced water treatment equipments.

In years of rapid development, Rightleder has stood out from the water treatment industry. In 2012, Rightleder has obtained ISO9001 international quality system certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification. Rightleder is focused on the quality and advanced process of each product by putting ourselves in providing customers with comprehensive equipments and services.

Rightleder holds the aim to become the first brand choice of water treatment equipment from both domestic and foreign market with first-class technology and service, dedicating to provide stable, reliable, high-quality water treatment equipment to our customers. Our company has been firmly occupying a place in domestic and overseas water treatment equipment industry because of our latest technology, the broadest perspective, the most considerate service concept; but we are not satisfied, because we know only by continuously exceeding customer’s demands, can we truly reflect Rightleder’s the brand value to be committed to serving the global environmental protection with more enthusiasm.