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Malaysia Customer Delegation visits Rightleder


On October 15, Malaysia customer delegation headed by Dialog Company visited Rightleder Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. to take a searching enquiry and profound cooperation.

In recent years, Rightleder has always being in accordance with international and national market requirements, and constantly optimize the product structure of water treatment devices so as to accelerate the pace of technological innovation. Each department involves customer-first concept in terms of water treatment equipment products, engineering design, budgets, or equipment installation and sales. Rightleder (RIGHTLEDER ENVIRONMENTAL INVESTMENT GROUP INC) based on the market of China and the whole world. A quarter of this year, though domestic and abroad sales of water treatment had a downturn, domestic orders of Rightleder have remained saturated. Furthermore, there are increasing foreign customers to visit Rightleder, as business sales are on the rise, the production situation is booming, and company employees is working overtime for busy delivery.


There are well-known brands such as French Veolia, Ruansof, Korea Woongjin Chemical, Sanqcar, Denmark Grundfos, Siemens, GE, Britain Purolite, US Dow Chemical (Rohm and Haas), Po Vikki Resin, Clear Force, etc, cooperating with Rightleder, which provides powerful support for Rightleder to produce water treatment devices. Since Rightleder has established, collaboration with clients from part of German, Malaysia, the Philippines has been carried out for decades. Favorable impressions of qualified productions and brands have been left for these clients. The representatives of Dialog Company delegation inspected the Rightleder’s innovative technology, enterprising management and production sites emphatically. With the help of translators, the Malaysia Dialog Company gave a high recognition on Rightleder’s overall productivity through a field investigation.

Through this negotiation, representatives of Dialog expressed their comprehensive understanding on Rightleder’s actual ability, which firmed their confidence of cooperation. Solid foundation will be made for further cooperation in order to establish long-term, stable cooperative relationship with Rightleder. The successful collaboration with Malaysia clients marks a solid step for Rightleder Water Treatment in the international market.

Malaysia Customer Delegation visits Rightleder