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Rightleder Hospital centralized Water Supply System Step into the 4G era


With the advent of the era of 4G, mobile Internet has entered our daily life. Water control system also has urgent need for Internet. At present, we do not need to go out for shopping, reserving a hotel or passenger tickets, seeking for information, etc. If water treatment equipment users enables mobile client for real-time and remote monitoring, a lot of work time will be saved. New business models along with innovative ways will dominate the next era. It has taken Rightleder hospital more than a year to develop 4G era of centralized water supply, which the firstly occupied this strategic location. Centralized water supply system of Rightleder Hospital has truly entered the 4G era, effectively pioneering the mobile Internet market. Clients achieve remote monitoring data while communicating with Rightleder professional and technical personnel at anywhere, anytime to ensure issues solved promptly, communication taken effectively and hospital water security guaranteed.

1. Reduce the work intensity of the front-line workers is also beneficial to maintain and supervise the medical water equipment. Independent supply system generally takes medical staff’s time from all departments to operate and construct the system. Therefore, the medical personnel not only need to complete their onerous main medical mission, but also have to the operate and maintain the water treatment equipment that they are not familiar with, which will ultimately distract workers from their professional work, and also increase the failure rate of equipment due to a lack of basic maintenance knowledge. But Central water supply system is designed to compensate for these defects.

2. Enhance hospital management efficiency and management level. In addition of its intelligent unmanned full-automation function, Centralized water dual water supply system, itself, sets aside communication protocol interfacing with the main control room on duty at the hospital. Along with the mobile client’s remote monitoring, we can monitor the entire process; even manipulate the system through the mobile client.

3. Save 50% of the area. Each department independently provide pure water whose he room must be chosen near the water spot. Because each departments water treatment equipment room is relatively independent, which not only increases the difficulty of the choosing the room, but meanwhile increases the overall occupancy area for each department. When the central water system reduces total half of the occupancy area, the demands for housing is greatly decreased, so as many restrictions.

4. Reduce 40% of equipment investment and 50% of operating costs of tons of water. Since the central water supply equipment is relatively concentrated, each unit of pure water power consumption is sharply reduced. Central water supply devices can reach to 100% utilization of the water resources, which will further cut down its operating costs.

5. Guarantee the water quality. Due to its structure determines, centralized water supply system determines its water transportation in airtight condition without any external contamination. Considering the current state, the system is basically ensuring the safety of water.

Rightleder Hospital centralized Water Supply System Step into the 4G era