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Rightleder Unite Shenyang University of Technology Set Up High Concentration Organic Wastewater Project By the Leaders Attention


On the morning of January 30, 2015, the Science and Technology Department from Liaoning Province has arrived the Rightleder Company to make observation and guidance on the progress of High Concentration Organic Wastewater Project. The head of the project staged a detailed report on progress and practical applications of the project to leadership of the provincial Science and Technology Department. The leaders gave a high praise on the progress. They also noted that the advanced technology and equipment should be fully considered on supporting for environmental protection industry. As long as we achieve the level of domestic and world leading technology, can we be able to solve the environmental pressure, so every business could benefit from the use of advanced water treatment technology, enterprises could afford to buy and use the technology, so as to reduce pressure on national water environment management.

Su Zhongmin-Deputy General Manager of Rightleder Company introduce new equipment to the leaders of Science and Technology Bureau of Liaoning Province

On the same day, deputy general manager of the Rightleder Company -Su Zhongmin shared the progress of the project, future trends, and Rightleder's splendid achievements in recent years with the public.

1. Rightleder selects to r&d the high concentration organic wastewater project by the impact of national policies and environmental protection market trends.

On January 1, 2015, new environmental law, the most of stringent the history, started its implementation. As the cost of illegal environmental business greatly increased, companies must consider the production and operation of the bearing capacity and environmental feasibility in the first place.

In 2015, the regulation "Water Ten" will be fully implemented, which specified as follows: thoroughly control of pollutant emissions, specialized regulations on papermaking, printing, dyeing, chemical and other crucial industries. The total investment of water pollution control is due to more than 2 trillion RMB as professionally assumed.

For a long period, how to deal with high concentrations of organic wastewater have been problems on sewage treatment, which plagued the healthy development of petrochemical, coal chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Statistics said that, the national petrochemical industry wastewater emissions were up to 4.2 billion cubic meters in 2013. Due to the limitation of environmental capacity, many companies’ development was restricted. In 2013, Liaoning Province proposed to develop fine chemical industry and make petrochemical industry refinement rate greater than 50% of the target. The implementation of this policy necessarily required safeguards-related environmental technology and equipment while the demand for high concentration refractory wastewater treatment was more urgent in the province.

China has more than 500 antibiotic manufacturing enterprises, accounting for 30% of world production, with an annual output of about 210,000 tons of raw materials of antibiotics, and more than 5,000 tons of waste water of antibiotic annual emissions. The waste water is highly colored with a variety of refractory and biological toxic substances, which is called the high concentration of organic wastewater. Investigation shows that the highest removal rate of the sewage treatment can only up to 81% of antibiotics. Low concentrations of antibiotics have potential harm on human beings as the basic discharge standards are reached.

On December 26, 2014, "Focus" program broadcast that Shandong Lukang Pharmaceutical slinkingly discharged massive antibiotics sewage whose concentration is 10,000 times thicker than normal water. Misuse of antibiotics is not rare. Even the tap water in Nanjing had the detection of amoxicillin ... the situation is grim as the main rivers, Huangpu River, Yangtze River, Pearl River were all detected with antibiotics.

2. Shenyang University of technology & Rightleder Research Centre jointly launched the project and formulated long-term objectives.

In April 2014, after repeated market research and full communication and discussion, Shenyang University of Technology and the Rightleder Company jointly launched research projects refractory organic wastewater treatment, which aims to fill a small blank on domestic markets’ organic wastewater treatment equipment, in particular, to solve the problem of domestic and other high concentration organic wastewater discharge companies such as pharmaceutical, chemical, farming and other enterprises that cannot satisfy discharge standards. The potential market is highly return on its capital.

According to the specific circumstances, technology will be further integrated on base of the original technology and breakthrough will be made on key issues. Hopefully, a self-innovative technology brings an opportunity for the efficient dispose and utilization of high concentration organic wastewater. We will accelerate the promotion of this technology to produce environmental and economic benefits as soon as possible in a wide range.

The project intends to give full play to the Shenyang University of Technology’s advantages of personnel, technology and equipment based on its existing multi-core separation technology. Shenyang University of Technology - Liaoning Rightleder Environmental Engineering joint research and development center, the powerful combination, has made a process on high concentration of refractory wastewater treatment, which had further accomplishment on the high concentration of biodegradable industrial waste water zero discharge and recycling technology critical issues and development of a standard small integrated high concentration of biodegradable industrial waste water treatment equipment, filling in this field equipment market gaps. The Project plans to apply independent research and technological achievements to 2-3 pharmaceutical companies as the pharmaceutical antibiotics and chemical waste has made breakthrough. We strive to occupy the domestic market share of 10% on production of the antibiotic medicine in 3--5 years.

3. Rightleder’s high concentration organic wastewater project and formulation technical solution

(1) MICROELECTROLYSIS + H2O2 strengthen

(2) Electric Oxidation and improvements (extended anode packed bed)

(3) Characteristics & non-specific adsorption resin

4. First views on Process Features of the Rightleder innovative technology, high concentration organic wastewater project

(1) Effectiveness: water treatment technology currently used for high concentration of antibiotic wastewater against high COD, high salt characteristic has less effect. Electrochemical treatment unit makes full use of wastewater in high salt conditions, and then make the use of chlorine ion generation with highly active chlorine ingredient oxidation activity to accelerate degradation of organic matter.

(2) Water controllability: Electrochemical processing unit is easy to control, the second-stage resin adsorption unit ensures water’s quality in order to stable the quality of water and water quality can be controlled according to different requirements.

(3) Recyclability: high value-added products contained in the wastewater can be separated through the primary characteristics of the resin adsorption, and then after the purification process out of recycled material available, waste reduced and the operating costs of water treatment cut.

5. The current practical application of High Concentration Organic Wastewater Treatment Technology

Presently with the collaboration of well-known pharmaceutical companies, the technology has entered into the field experiments. Nanjing, Jilin, Hebei and many other antibiotics manufacturing enterprises have consulted to the technology and indicated the urgency of cooperation intent. High cost of imported will be input willingly as the technology is mature. 1-2 demonstration project can be completed during the construction period.

6. The original core technology of Rightleder

(1) Curve microvia force of membrane separation technology

Process characteristics:

a. 20% reduction of system operating costs in the original reverse osmosis.

b. successfully address the high salt content, membrane fouling problems caused by high hardness.

c. single-stage reverse osmosis recovery rate increased to 95%.


(2) Electro-dialysis technology

Process characteristics:

a. Low energy consumption;

b. Large amount of water;

c. High desalination rate;

d. Strong stability.


(3) The variable-frequency ion exchange technology

Process characteristics:

a. Inverter regeneration step a innovation.

b. Alkali chemicals by frequency into yin and yang bed.

c. Regenerated resin within the tank.

d. Increasing regeneration efficiency.

e. Clearing depth-gripping contaminants on resin


(4) Materials enrichment separation

Driven by the pressure, it is energy efficient and effective to separate liquid material of the components with the use of membrane’s selective permeability principle, working under normal temperature without phase changing or heating which will damage the material of each component in the molecular structure.

According to the needs and characteristics of the material process of membrane separation unit, technology solutions during clean production process can be provided for different customers on separation, purification, concentration, desalting and other personalized integrated membrane with experienced technology development of Rightleder.

Depending on customer's requirements, with Rightleder’s rich experience in technology development and application of science, abundant communication with customers and specific analysis on the characteristics of the material, Rightleder develops a preliminary project plan the, after small test, test, and finally provide a complete technology.

7. Reviews on Rightleder’s refulgeng achievements

(1) Wright Ryder formally joined the Zhenghe Island

In August, Rightleder officially joined the Zhenghe Islands, which will form a resonance line and keep real relationship with different places in the island neighbor in order to construct both online and offline cycle energy field.

(2) Rightleder won the 2014 China’s Water Industry Customer Satisfaction brand

On November 18, 2014, HC360 held the China Water Industry Brand Event Ceremony, which created a gluttonous feast on brand & technology, with participants of more than 50 water treatment industry experts and 300 professional users, and 10 more technical presentations. Rightleder eventually stood out and won the honorary title, Customer Satisfaction Brand on HC360 Water Industry Brand Event Ceremony, because of its customer-first service principle.

(3) Wright Ryder set up branches in Jiangsu

Wright Ryder established Jiangsu branches in 2014. Fundamental concept of Jiangsu Rightleder adheres to quality products since its inception, which is allowing customers the most economical way, creating the greatest benefits, initiating the whole five-year warranty, and breaking the longest warranty records on environmental protection, so that customers will be assured with satisfaction.

(4) Shenyang University of Technology& Rightleder Joint Research Center started project on high concentration organic wastewater and development.

After numerous market researches and deliberation, Shenyang University of Technology and Rightleder jointly launched the projects of high concentration organic wastewater refractory treatment in April 2014, whose goal is to fill domestic market gaps of organic wastewater treatment equipment, in particular, to solve the domestic concentration organic wastewater discharge problems from pharmaceutical, chemical, farming and other enterprises which cannot reach discharge standards. The market is potential and high on returning capital while related industries are advanced at the same time.

Finally, Su Zhongmin, deputy general manager of Rightleder made an comprehensive introduction that Liaoning Rightleder Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. is a four in one major high-tech enterprises with research, development, sales and service. Since its inception, Rightleder has continuous innovated and moved forward to uphold the quality-oriented and customer-first principle. With many years of scientific research and practical experience, advanced membrane technologies (ultra filtration, Nan filtration, DTRO / STRO , MBR, EDI, electrodialysis) such as electric flocculation, advanced oxidation, Densadeg, special separation, electrodialysis system halogen, biological aerobic and anaerobic technology could be applied to various fields, which truly double-combined fluid separation equipment with advanced economy so as to become the leading fluid technology and solutions provider. In 2015, Rightleder will move on to create a more splendid future.


Rightleder Unite Shenyang University of Technology Set Up High Concentration Organic Wastewater Project By the Leaders Attention