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Rightleder and their technology --Mixed Bed acid wastewater reuse and zero-emission technologies


In 2014 AQUATECH CHINA, we went into the country's leading environmentally friendly water treatment business with advanced water treatment technology and equipment. The core areas is exhibition and interview and it helps us know more outstanding environmental protection enterprises.

Rightleder has worked on environmental water treatment for nearly 13 years and It has been an important benchmark in China’s environmental water treatment enterprises. With 13 years’ scientific research and repeated practice, Rightleder brings the most advanced environmental concepts to our life and production.

What new technologies on earth did Rightleder bring us?

Rightleder brings new technologies to the treatment of sewage and wastewater and a variety of water purification . It mainly adopts the development of Membrane technology of recycled water processing system and skillfully puts the unique wastewater treatment process and depth processing technology into engineering projects. This saved a third of the equipment operating costs for the customers. Rightleder plays a pivotal role in China's leading cause of sewage treatment.

On September 20, 2014, Rightleder's technical team successfully debugged a project of acid-alkali recycling and water recycling from a mixed acid wastewater in some chemical plant in Panjin. This marks the company's technology successfully changed the Multi-stage Membrane Electrodialysis Technology into industrial chain after years of laboratory and pilot tests. The successful application of this technology is expected to bring trillions of economic benefits for the environment industry. It also brings new life to the national environmental protection industry.

At present the companies which used the mixed bed systems are in the majority. According to incomplete statistics, the mixed bed systems already available in China are about 10 million tons / hour and this requires a lot of acid regeneration every year. The wastewater of regeneration discharges directly, which causing much waste of acid-alkali and water. While producing the desalted water, power plants and chemical plants will also reserve a large amount of strong acid and alkali. The storage of strong acid and alkali is a potential hazard and it caused casualties every year.

The bipolar membrane used in this technology is a new kind of ion-exchange composite membrane. It usually consists of a cation exchange layer (N-type film), a interfacial hydrophilic layer (catalyst layer) and an anion exchange layer (P-type film). It is a real sense of the reaction film. Under the effect of DC field, the bipolar membrane can dissociate water and respectively get hydrogen ions and hydroxide ions on both sides of the membrane. This fact can be used to combine the bipolar membrane and other bipolar ion exchange membranes into the bipolar membrane electrodialysis systems, which can change the salt in aqueous solution into the corresponding acid and alkali without introducing new components. This is called the bipolar membrane electrodialysis technique. This technique not only can be used in making acid and alkali , but also can achieve a variety of functions using in various fields with the clever combination of monopolar membranes.

Take the 100 tons / hour mixed bed system as an example:

1. The recycling of acid-alkali wastewater can bring economic benefits to the enterprises:

2. 20% of the water wasted in the process of acid-alkali regeneration. Then the amount of water wasted each year reaches 20 tons / hour * 8000 hours = 160,000 tons / year.

3. The cost of treating wastewater produced by mixed bed system is about(including water-rate): 8 yuan / ton.

4. The recycling of this part of water can bring enterprises the following economic benefits: 160,000 tons / year * 8 = 128 million

5. The transportation expenses and the costs of acid-alkali : 500 000 yuan / year

6. The recycling of this part of water can bring enterprises 1.78 million yuan in economic benefits each year, turning waste into treasure.

Create popular sewage and wastewater treatment products:

In view of current water pollution problems, Rightleder researched on China's water quality and committed to creating popular sewage and wastewater treatment products. The serial equipment of heavy industrial wastewater treatment and living wastewater treatment has obtained tens of thousands of families and corporate customers’ affirmation . Rightleder has got highly praised in domestic sewage treatment industry, as well as the international community. Rightleder’s leaders clearly identified the future direction of development with their keen insight into the market, so that more companies can afford environmental protection sewage treatment products.


Rightleder and their technology --Mixed Bed acid wastewater reuse and zero-emission technologies