Rightleder’s electrodialysis technology achieved great success in BIO CHINA


In December 3, 2014, Rightleder’s Fluid Separation Technology Research Institute was invited to organize experts on dialysis, from the cross and membrane separation technique to participate in the exhibition.

Rightleder’s electrodialysis technology attracted attentions of manufacturer representatives, engineering and technical personnel, experts from trade organizations and universities or research institutions both at home and abroad in various industries like food, beverage, pharmaceutical, bio-fermentation, candy, wine, dairy products, pastries, health products, functional food, food additives, food ingredients, convenience foods and semi-finished products, dairy products, snack foods, canned food, ham and sausages, fresh vinegar, grain and oil processing, ice cream and desserts, pasta processing, cosmetics, chemical, paper, leather, washing, textile, paint and chemicals, etc.

Rightleder’s Electrodialysis Technology can be said to be thriving in this exhibition. A few companies showed From Dispensing Equipment in the whole exhibition, but only Rightleder has Electrodialysis Technology. Our experts about Electrodialysis Technology has met more than four hundred clients in three days. They detailedly introduced the application prospects and product advantages of Electrodialysis Technology in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, bio-fermentation, candy, wine, dairy products, pastries, health products, functional foods and other industries. Customer believed that the Electrodialysis Technology prospect was the best process technology in fermentation industry with a broad prospect in application. They benefited a lot and really accepted China’s products and technologies. Electrodialysis Technology filled in the gaps in the application of ion Exchange Technique and Membrane Separation Technique in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, bio-fermentation and confectionery industries, etc.

Bio-fermentation purification is a kind of technical system which used the specific properties and functions of microorganisms to produce a useful substance by modern engineering technology and equipment or directly used microorganism in industrial production to obtain the target product. It includes two processes of fermentation and purification. Purification is the process of separating the desired product from the fermentation broth out, also known as post-treatment. It mainly includes the following processes and unit operations: cell disruption, separation, conveying mash, filter cleaning, ion-exchange electrodialysis, reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, gel filtration (chromatography), precipitation, solvent extraction, evaporation, crystallization, distillation, drying and packaging.