Rightleder’s glyphosate concentration process is realizing low power consumption and zero-emission


Rightleder became involved in glyphosate industry since 2007 and accounted for more than 50% of the domestic glyphosate concentration market. Through six years’ engineering experience and continuous innovation, Rightleder has really realized low power consumption and zero-emission at the same time.

Now it is widely used in making low toxicity herbicide in agriculture. Molecular weight is about 169.

Chinese nicknames: N- (phosphine carboxymethyl) glycine, Roundup, glyphosate, phosphine Gly, glyphosate crude oil, 41% glyphosate isopropylamine salt water, glyphosate (10% salt water), soluble glyphosate powders, N- (methyl phosphate) glycine, N-(phosphonomethyl) glycine.

Physical properties:

Vapor Density: 5

Vapor Pressure: 0.2mm/Hg(200℃)

Melting point: 230℃

Relative density: 0.888g/mLat25℃(lit.)

Original concentration of the solution was 0.1%. PH value is 6-8. The content of concentrate reaches more than 2.5%.

Technological process:

Tank booster pump → → → booster pump filter system → → Rightleder concentration system → concentrate tank.

Concentrated data:

Concentrate content reaches 2.6%. The concentration factor is 260 times.

The advantages of Rightleder’s concentrated glyphosate mother liquor:

1. No phase change. Will not produce the phenomenon of pyrolysis. Process without any chemical reaction. Conducted at room temperature.

2. Energy consumption is much lower than conventional evaporation process.

3. Water generated by the system can be used to be used, truly achieving energy conservation.

4. No smell, small footprint, closed run.

5. High degree of automation, real unattended