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The international water industry exhibition perfectly show the Rightleder Technology’s leadership in the water purification field


Takeaway: Water treatment industry is an emerging environmental protection industry, and is the inevitable trend of future development of our country, which has the infinite development space and potential. In order to be able to better understand the present situation and development prospect of water purification industry, the author has the honor to invite Vice President of the Rightleder Technology co., LTD., Mr. Su zhongmin born to an interview with the related issues.

[Reporter]: How are you, Mr. Su, very glad to invite you here during the Shanghai international water industry exhibition. Would you please introduce what is the kind of enterprise of the Rightleder Technology co., LTD.?

[President. Su]: The Rightleder Technology is an enterprise which is engaged in the high-end water purification treatment, high-end wastewater treatment and water treatment. The company was founded in 2002, and gradually developed to today. After continuous exploration, it has a lot of its own patented technology in process, which creates value for the enterprise. The benefit is not only for himself, also benefit the enterprise. We hope our technology will be optimized continuously, and bring more value for more owner and the environmental protection industry.

[Reporter]: Rightleder Technology is innovating constantly, and makes some of the new technology and products. So this time at the affair, what kind of the process do you bring to us, and what is our customer's feedback?

[President. Su]: According to national situation, the country is strictly control on both the use of water and the total emission of the sewage. So according to the situation of the market model, we have been adjusting our craft, and we brought our unique technology at the fair this time--- improve the recovery rate of water to enhance the using rate of water. So that on the one hand, save water and on the other hand for reusing wastewater emissions. This is the place where the Rightleder technology is more advantaged.

For enterprises, want to promote the overall environmental protection to a higher level, all the enterprises must participate in the environmental protection, but this will be a burden for the enterprise, because the investment of the environmental protection is larger. As environmental engineering company, how to decrease the cost of environmental protection system, to let the owners can afford to buy and to do the environmental protection project is the most critical problem of prompt the development of environmental protection of our country to a higher level.

[Reporter]: This is the forecast of the development trend for the environmental protection industry in the future, so what is the foothold in the market competition can make the Rightleder Technology break through?

[President Su]: Our foothold now is to carry out a high recovery rate of the system for the high concentration of wastewater, because that the ordinary life waste water can be treated easier, but as a high concentration of wastewater treatment is more difficult.

There are two main points of the wastewater treatment, the first point is reasonable cost, the high cost wastewater treatment is also failed. The second point is high efficiency, to increase the recovery rate of waste water to maximize. So the owner can both accept of the investment costs and the water utilization. We create value for the owners, also create value for the enterprise, this is our development direction for the future. In the of exploration process of a few years before, Rightleder Technology also made a lot of successful cases and system.

[Reporter]: You mentioned that you did a lot of successful cases and system, and then can you take an example to tell us about?

[President. Su]: The project we did recently, the company's waste water emissions is higher, which can be achieved to millions of thousand. After our system running, 85% to 90% of the water can be recycled, and after the treatment of multi-effect evaporation, the rest of the water almost can achieve the zero emissions standards. The company is located in the state-level industrial park, where the sewage is not allowed and the water supply for each enterprise is limited. On one hand, we did the wastewater treatment and realized the reuse, and on the other hand reduced the wastewater emissions, which makes the enterprise's operation cost reduced by two-thirds.


[Reporter]: When our products are selling to the owner side, what kind of advice will be given to them?

President[Mr. Su]: The key two points which will decide the stand or fall of a water treatment system are:

First, the water conservancy engineer makes the program of the water treatment systems well, and doing debugging and training well. Second, operators of the owner need to operate according to operation procedures.

According to the current national situation, the enterprise operator's operation level is not very high and also is not very professional. According to this case, Righterleder Technology conducts professional training for the owners every year, including: operator, workshop director or staff who is responsible for the equipment or related aspects. We regularly hold this training, to strength the operating professional consciousness of the owner. What we do after water treatment system is returned to the owner, the key of weather the system can operate well and can increase efficiency lies in the status of late maintenance and use of the system.

Only when our owners can be able to use it in accordance with the reasonable way, the system function can be used to the limit and really do something to the industry.

[Reporter]: Could you talk about the Rightlederder Technology's next development plan?

[President. Su]: Rightleder Technology will go straight on the development route of "high efficiency, energy saving”. We will do further ascension on the aspects of the lower costs and improve the recovery rate of the mature water treatment system. Our ultimate goal is to let all the companies can afford the products of environmental protection, and let's bring literally bring economic benefits for them.

The international water industry exhibition perfectly show the Rightleder Technology’s leadership in the water purification field