Development and win-win - Cooperative innovation on the science and technology talents mechanism of the water treatment industry


  - Shenyang University of technology and Rightleder environmental engineering co.,
LTD. signed cooperation on the technology talent training

At 10 am on October 25, 2013, the university-enterprise cooperation signing ceremony for the Shenyang University Technology and the Rightleder environmental engineering co., LTD, was held grandly in the reception room of the company. The vice-chancellor of the Shenyang industrial university, Mr.Li Sanxi and the general manager of Rightleder environmental engineering co., LTD, Mr. Su Zhanhua signed a strategic cooperation agreement on joint research and development and technology talent training base. At the same time of attending the meeting, they open the official launch for the "outstanding engineer joint research and development center", "technology joint research and development center", "outstanding talent training base". The production center director of the Rightleder environmental engineering co., LTD, Mr. Su Zhongmin presided over the meeting. The leaders of the environment department of Shenyang University of technology and representatives attended the signing ceremony and discussed on the further cooperation.

  Environment talent cultivation mechanism lays the development of future

At the launch of cooperation, the general manager of Rightleder environmental engineering co., LTD Mr. Su Zhanhua and The production center director of the Rightleder environmental engineering co., LTD, Mr. Su Zhongmin and other leaders warmly welcome the leadership of the Shenyang University of technology. Director Su thanked for the coming of the university firstly on behalf of Rightleder Company, and gave the introduction to the industrial university experts on the development of company, the company development goals, the existing talent, and the trend which the technology is facing. Rightleder, the new leading engineering and technology of the domestic water treatment , has established three centers and more than 50 branches by less than 5 years of rapid development, who based on the northeast, overall layout, and in line with the international domestic development strategy. Director Sue specifically pointed out that the personnel bottlenecks of the research on the development process of company's business, the outstanding realistic problem of engineering talent, and the confidence in cooperation. General manager Mr. Sue Zhanhua warmly communicated with the headmaster Mr. Li Sanxi on the present situation of the domestic environment development and the international business high-end advantage. Sue said that both from the brand market and technology of the international enterprises is the benchmark model for the current domestic enterprises improvement. To get benefits from lean techniques, lift service, pay attention to quality, and enlarge brand affiliation is which the Rightleder Company has been pursuing all the time. The perfection of the talent training mechanism can give the best to the enterprise development on the blueprint certainly. Headmaster Mr. Li Sanxi gave high affirmation on this point of view from general manager Mr. Su zhanhua and discusses and exchanged views on the details of the close cooperation.

  The key point of the technology is starting from the solid foundation.

The headmaster Li Sanxi spoke of that the Shenyang University of Technology as a subordinate college of the ministry of national mechanical industry, the environmental engineering major has been listed in the national outstanding training plan, which needs to verify the talent and technology through the ways of production, study and practice. Now the two sides through talents conveying, technical cooperation and resource sharing greatly improved the Rightleder's potential core technology in the field of technology, and has been confirmed as one of the important impetus to escort of improvement of Rightleder's enterprise competitiveness. As the country is in economic transition and under the premise of the overall ascension of the society's awareness of environmental protection, the environmental technology frontier exploration is also experiencing a revolution. the factors-- prominent contradictions of the environmental development, lack of talent of the environmental protection, and the resource allocation is not reasonable, severely restricts the development of environmental protection industry, and the research institutions also have a lot of phenomenon on the talent practice is insufficient and the talent training object with enterprise needs derailment. The elaboration structure and the promotion of the two-way channel for the enterprise and school personnel and science and technology cooperation were achieved well by the cooperation. Hope that the Shenyang University of Technology can continuous conveying talents for the Rightleder, and maximize the frontier technology research and development of sharing.