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The innovation of the LT0 - C3 series industrial circulating water sterilization anion generator in the packaging industry


Sterilization anion generator technical specifications

1. The anion gas produced by the production has strong oxidation, catalytic effect. Viruses and bacteria in the negative ion and negative ion gas can make the protein dissociation degeneration and reduce the nucleic acid and enzyme activity due to the variety of the role of free radicals. So it can achieve effect of disinfection, sterilization and odor removal.

2. The sterilization equipment belongs to broad-spectrum sterilization, which is an extremely strong role for all kinds of bacteria and viruses.

3. Degradation, complicated physical and chemical reactions such as oxidation will happened when the sterilization equipment meets the poisonous and harmful gas such as formaldehyde, carbon dioxide, xylene, and the byproduct non-toxic is harmless and can avoid secondary pollution.

The characteristics of the negative ion disinfection

(1) Efficiency: Disinfection does not need any other auxiliary materials and additives. During the disinfection of anion generator produces a certain amount of negative ions. Under a relatively sealing condition, the spread evenly, inclusive and permeability is good and overcame the dead corner problems of the ultraviolet sterilization disinfection and achieve comprehensive, rapid, and efficient disinfection purposes. In addition, due to its sterilization broad spectrum, it not only can kill bacteria breeding, buds, viruses, fungi and protozoa body such as a variety of microorganisms, can also destroy botulinum toxin, rickets, etc., and at the same time also has the very strong function of remove mildew and the peculiar smell such as fishy.

(2) Highly purified performance: Anion sterilization can be decomposed into oxygen naturally in the environment, which is the unique advantage of anion as disinfection sterilization agent. The negative ions is the produced by using the oxygen in the air. During the disinfection oxidation process, the extra atom of oxygen (O) combining to the molecular oxygen (O2) in 30 minutes and there is no residual material, which solved the disinfectant, the residue of secondary pollution, and save the time of the clean again after the disinfection.

(3) Convenience: Anion sterilization equipment generally installed in indoor or central air conditioning system, air purification system. It can automatically set the timing control of anion sterilization equipment, according to the concentration and the time needed for sterilization, whose operation and use is convenient. And the fumigation time of formaldehyde and ethylene acetate is long, but the anion can disinfect used every day regularly.

(4) The economy: Through the comparing of the anion disinfection sterilization applicated in many lines, and the use and operation of the medical and health unit, the negative ion disinfection method compared with other methods has great economic and social benefits. Only about 300 watts of power consumption per hour and no other fees, compared with the low operating costs of the Ultraviolet (uv) in the late period ( the price of the imported uv 20 tons/hour is about 100000 yuan, a total of 12 tubes, each lamp life 8000 hours, the price of each tube in 1000-1200 yuan).

Sterilization anion generator applications

1. Enterprises and institutions and public places: Enterprise sewage treatment, community property company (cooperation), cinema, hotel, restaurant, recreation, hair salons, beauty salon, public baths, nursing homes, hospitals, sterile room, station waiting area, different size recreation room, warehouse and hotel, hotel rooms, museums and other units, the door disinfection services.

2. Breeding, planting industry: basket, appliances, indoor air, water and sanitation.

3. Food processing, preservation and transportation industry: The sterilization rate for food, fruits, vegetables, eggs, Chinese herbal medicine, meat, and drinking water is more than 99%, fully meet the food safety standards.

Keeping fresh of food, meat, fresh fruits, vegetables, aquatic products and dry fresh local specialties. Put the food, vegetables, and fruit which need to be dealt with into the plastic bag and pipe in gas, then tighten the sealing and don't let the gas out, which can prolong preservation period. Note: plastic bags sealing ability is good, best not to leak. It can maintain kill mold for long effectively, so as to extend the freshness of fruit, meat and eggs.

4. The factory production and processing industry, which there is a requirement for health: production workshop, packing workshop, garage, and overalls and so on.

5. Water treatment industry:

(1) The drinking water treatment: Micro/nano anion used in water treatment, in addition to the sterilization effect is good, no secondary pollution, also can be the role as decoloring, dispel peculiar smell, remove iron, manganese, oxidative decomposition of organic matter and help setting. Some reports pointed out that the micro/nano anion can kill all the matters in the water which will be harmful to human body.

(2) Swimming pool water treatment: At present mainly adopts elimination means such as chlorine, bleaching powder, copper sulfate, it can cause secondary pollution, water quality dazzling, and stimulate the skin and other consequences at the same time of water quality meet the standard. Especially the potential threat of the using of the liquid chlorine is very big, once leakage will cause massive toxic pollution, which makes people fear when using. Under the condition of meeting the water quality standard, the Micro/nano negative ion technology has no more defects. The more economical thing is to reduce or cancel the drug consumption, cost reduction and quality guarantee period to be able to extend when using.

(3) The aquaculture water treatment: The quality of the aquaculture water is easier to get problem, because of the rich of the organic matter. The bacteria and virus bacteria can be spread to the shrimp rampantly. During the aquaculture water treatment, the micro/nano anion in addition to the sterilization and suppress the virus infection and the spread to the fish and shrimp, can also degrade organic matter, reduce chemical oxygen demand (COD) and biological oxygen demand (BOD), and because it helps the coagulation, which is a good measure to improve water quality.

(4) Industrial wastewater and circulating water treatment: Micro/nano negative ion has been widely used in industrial wastewater treatment, the common kinds such as phenol, cyanide and circulating water treatment, etc. Anion can decompose the cyanide in the cyanide complex salt rapidly. There are two steps of the reaction , first, Venomous CN - oxidized to CNO - , and then further oxidized to CO2 and N2, which can make the toxicity of the wastewater be greatly reduced. Micro/nano anion of phenol wastewater treatment, its degradation rate of phenol is associated with anion dosing quantity and time, And PH in the reaction, the higher the faster the reaction speed, the smaller the micro/nano anion consumption. During the reaction, the higher of the PH value, the faster the reaction will be done, and the smaller the micro/nano anion consumption.

The innovation of the LT0 - C3 series industrial circulating water sterilization anion generator in the packaging industry