Quality Management System Certification

ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification
Management system of Enterprises certified by ISO9001 has met international standard that the enterprise can provide customer qualified product continuously. The company is customer centered, and can meet customers' demand and gain customers' satisfaction without any luring consumers.

ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification
ISO14001 is certification code of environmental management system which is set out by International Organization for standardization focusing on environmental pollution, destruction of the ecological environment, global warming, ozone depletion, high emission of carbon dioxide and other critical environmental problems. It is set out in accordance with demand of international economic development and sustainable development.

OHSAS18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification
Certification of OHSAS18001 means OHSAS of the certified company has achieved international standard. It means that the company is responsible for the health and safety of its employees, which is an important principle practiced by Rightleder ever since its foundation.

CE Certificate

CE Certificate

CE certificate means that certified manufacturer's qualification statement conforms to relative EU directives, and its products are qualified for sales in EU market. It is a sign that the product is in compliance with European safety, healthy, environmental and sanitation requirements as a commitment to consumers.
High-tech Enterprise

High-tech Enterprise
High-tech enterprise refers to continuous transformation of research and development to technological result and form independent intellectual property, and carries out operation activities on this base. It is a knowledge intensive and technology intensive entity. It means that the enterprise enjoys strong ability in innovation of technology and development of high technology.

Provincial Enterprise Technical Center
Certification of enterprise technology center will promote construction of enterprise technology center and definition of dominant position of its technology innovation and technical investment, which will be awarded to enterprises possesses strong technology innovation capability, significant innovation performance and with important demonstration effect.


PatentPatent is invention protected by legal regulations, and awarded after strict examination in accordance with relative legal regulations. Within a certain time, the applicant enjoys the proprietary patent in invention as intangible assets. It signifies that the company is of great competitiveness.


Rightleder Environmental is a high-tech enterprise focusing on fluid filtration and separation technology. To improve service quality and management system comprehensively, Rightleder Environmental improves each link of R&D, manufacture, sales, and service, and has made great breakthrough in management work, like regulate management system of R&D and manufacture, improve employee's sense of quality, and upgrade service quality. Rightleder Environmental will insist on strictly regulating management of the company. Based on customers' demand, the company is dedicated to improving capability in innovation, strengthening core competitiveness, and provide high quality service and equipment to customers.