Officially entered the civilian drinking water field
Rapid development on catering and drinking water field
Estabilished domestic water purification equipment e-commerce platform
Designed and manufactured the first set water treatment equipment


Established the northeast marketing center
Established the Shenyang experimental and manufacturing base
Estabilished industrial water treatment e-commerce platform


Estabilished the first special technical project team
Successful operation independent patent (membrane technology) pilot plant
Partner of Veolia in China
Successful operation of membrane separation system in the field of independent innovation biological preparation


Introduced strategic technical cooperation shareholders
LTLD-UPW new ultrapure water device test run successfully
CSM membrane technology application partner in China


The establishment of membrane separation technology research and development center
Established a major environmental protection-oriented core business direction
The establishment of the first membrane in Northeast Technical Support Service Center


Independent pressure vessel manufacturing factory
ISO14001, ISO9001 quality management system certification
Established the international trade department and the overseas business development trend
Applied French ultrapure water technology to the electronics industry
Established zero-discharge wastewater R&D center, started pilot projects in three major fields
Established fluid separation technology R&D center, started pilot programs in four major industry
90% recovery achieved in reverse osmosis system , the curve micro-power membrane technology device successfully delivered


The first set of phthalic anhydride wastewater zero-discharge system successfully delivered
The first set of new energy-saving full-ion exchange system successfully delivered
American ASTM electronic grade PPT ultra-pure water system delivered
China's first TFT grind wastewater equipment delivered
The number of innovation and patents reached up to 100 items, officially launched the patent protection plan


Established Shenyang University of Technology joint research and development laboratories
Membrane element manufacturing plant officially put into production
The first set of high temperature and high salt wastewater treatment system successfully delivered
The first set of advanced oxidation of antibiotic wastewater technology obtained special funds from science and technology department


The first set of brine decolorization recovery system successfully delivered
Successful bid for South American desalination of drinking water projects
Introduced partnership model, "honeycomb" framework officially initiated
Passed the OHSAS18001 certification


140 patent applications
Passed the CE certification
Overseas markets put into operation
Established South American division
Four logistics centers established
EL leasing model exceeded 3 million yuan
Japan, Germany mutual enterprise partner
Separation technology broke through the limits of biotechnology once again
Invited to participate in the Amsterdam International Water Exhibition in Shanghai
Rewarded with the title of the Shenyang enterprise technology center