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Project engineering on Aksay slotted fused salt photothermal power station (Unit 1#) of GOLDAlUM Energy

Thermal Power Industry

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Project Background:

  The project of Aksay slotted fused salt photothermal system is located in Aksay Kazakh Autonomous County, Jiuquan City of Gansu Province. It was listed on the first batch of photothermal demonstration projects announced by the National Energy Administration on September 14, 2016 (one of the seven slotted projects). With a total investment of 2 billion yuan, the project is a new energy project supported by the Chinese government. RIGHTLEDER won the bid and signed a contract for supplying the water treatment system with the Aksay 50MW slotted fused salt photothermal power station project.

  Project Advantages:

  Similar to other power stations, the photothermal power station consumes large amount of water during operation and maintenance. According to the water supply standard of Aksay 50MW slotted fused salt photothermal power station, RIGHTLEDER has formulated corresponding water treatment system solutions in the aspects of boiler feedwater, industrial wastewater reuse system and domestic wastewater for plant employees. These solutions not only ensure the quality and stability of produced water but also increase the recovery rate of wastewater, and reduce the investment cost of the project.

  Process Introduction

  1、 Chemical Water Treatment System: The raw water comes from Nuhutu River in Akasy County. After being treated by ultrafiltration, two-stage reverse osmosis and EDI system, and the water production meets the water quality requirements for boiler feed water.

  2、Industrial Wastewater Treatment System: Influent water containing suspended solids and a small amount of oil, the product water could be reused after being treated by regulating reservoir, clarifier, air flotation and filtration. The sludge is dewatered after sludge dewatering.

  3、Domestic Sewage Treatment System: Domestic sewage of working staffs in the plant can be reused for greening after being treated by package wastewater treatment equipment.

  4、 Raw Water Pretreatment Device: The raw water with high turbidity and high suspended solids is treated by the flocculation, sediment and filtration process of the raw water pretreatment device to achieve the purpose of water purification.

  5、 Efficient Mixing and Sterilizing Equipment: Drinking water is treated by highly efficient mixing and sterilizing equipment to control the virus and microorganism contents to meet the national drinking water standards and ensure the health of drinking water.

  In terms of chemical feed up water treatment systems, Rightleder ·Environmental adopts an independently developed separation membrane system that maximizes the performance of the membrane, reduces the amount of pollutants discharged from the system, increases the utilization of water, and reduces the load on evaporation ponds. At the same time, in order to better serve our customers, Rightleder ·Environmental also has an office and after-sales service center in Lanzhou.