The Ultra-pure Water System Upgrades the Project of State Power Investment Corporation

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It is an ideal energy which can meet the social needs in the future....

Background Description:

  As a renewable clean energy, the development and utilization of the solar energy is of great strategic significance to China, especially in the times of depleting energy resources. China, a major exporter of clean energy resources, provides two thirds of the world’s solar panels. The traditional power generation relies on hydroenergy, fossil fuels of thermal energy (such as coal, petroleum and natural gas) and nuclear energy, etc.. It leads to a serious consumption of resources and even destroys the environment. However, the solar energy will not cause any environmental pollution or any resource consumption. It is an ideal energy which can meet the social needs in the future.

  The Xining branch of SPIC Xi'an Solar Power Co., Ltd. mainly produces solar wafers, solar cells and battery packs. High quality of ultra-pure water supply is required during the production of One Hundred Million Pieces of Silicon Chip Capacity Project. After a serious of screenings, RIGHTLEDER is finally selected to provide ultra-pure water system for this project.

  Project Description:

  The project offers a set of 384t/d ultra-pure water equipment with installment and debugging. For the design requirement for ultra-pure water quality, electrical resistivity is (MΩ·CM, 25°C) ≥17.0MΩ·CM, the other index referring to the Electronic Water Quality Specifications GB11446.1-89.

  Process Description:

  According to the characteristics of silicon water production needed by solar power generation, RIGHRLEDER adopts a customized solution technology to design a specific system for ultra-pure water project. The system of two-stage reverse osmosis+EDI +polishing mixing bed is adopted in this project to produce ultra-pure water. Among these technologies, the EDI can eliminate the discharge of the treated chemicals of the acid and alkali waste liquid and reduce the risk factor at work. It ensures the consistent and stable water quality during the water production. The whole equipment can not only improve the recovery rate but also reduce the investment cost of the project.

  Process Advantages:

  1. Ultra-pure water special membrane technology:polymer grafting technology on membrane surface is not only acid and alkali resistance as well as anti-high pollution, but also enjoys a feature of speeding up the ion migration rate to remain the water TOC below 20PPB;

  2. CDI new electric salt removal technology: filled with new type of uniform particle resin, dual cross-flow and high-frequency electronic plate mode, effectively improves the desalination rate;

  3. Ultra clean cycle of pipeline technology: the international advanced new material PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) is adopted to ensure that there is no contaminants and stagnant water running out in the system.

  With the beginning of energy reform, the development and utilization of clean energy had become a global tendency. Power generation by solar energy will become a major route for future power development. RIGHTLEDER will continue to make a contribution to the green new energy business.