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Ion exchange system of sugar decolorization for Xingguang GROUP

Sugar Industry

Ion exchange system of sugar decolorization for Xingguang GROUP...

Every year, Shandong Xingguang Group products raw sugar processing about one million tons, which is the second one in the whole raw sugar processing companies. It is also identified as the fixed-point processing enterprise of the state reserves by the Ministry of Commerce. In order to come out ahead, Xingguang starting with sugar-making,develops cost-saving technology in raw sugar processing. Xingguang finally decides to cooperate with us through thoughts.

Ion exchange system of sugar decolorization for STARLITE GROUP

The color value is the most important part in the controlling of sugar quality. Therefore, sugar decolorization is the key to raw sugar processing. There are many kinds of ingredients in pigment,and after raw sugar processing the pigment will be more complex,which will contain the compound of phenol and iron, melanoidins, caramel pigment, melanin and so on. The cost of pigment removing accounts for a large proportion of the cost of production.

Based on the rich experience and advanced technology from the cooperation with other sugar enterprises, RIGHTLEDER designed an efficient and environmental system of sugar decolorization. This system has two technological innovation. The first one is taking the double-floating bed as the generator of ion-exchange, which has solved many defects, such as the oversize of the diameter of ion-exchange column. It efficiently controls the pressure distribution of pigment. It also has a large periodical throughput, and its color decolorization could reache 80%. Staffs of RIGHTLEDER confidently said that no more than 10 companies in our country has this technology.

The other innovation is this system equipped with special filters and brine recovery with membrane combined. This system will remove 100% pigment in waste brine, 98% divalent ion, and 80% recovery of NaCl. It efficiently realizes the reasonable usage of resource and zero emission.




At present there is a long way for China sugar industry to go, and every sugar company should conduct themselves responsibly. Rightleder will also improve our technology and instill new vitality into the development of China sugar industry.